Hating The View From The Top with ALLISON FRYE

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Episode 325 – The journey to an executive level position is far from easy, especially for women. It’s a great achievement to finally reach that goal, but what happens if when you get there, the blinders come off and you see that your values don’t align with your company?

In this episode, I’m speaking to Allison Frye about her experience climbing the corporate ladder. Her story exemplifies a few issues we’ll be discussing today, including discrimination against women in the workplace and toxic company culture.

Allison and I examine the true role of a leader, and how many leaders are lacking key skills like empathy and vulnerability. We also talk about the importance of self-discovery, and Allison’s free Guide to Psychological First Aid — a guide that EVERY leader needs.

Join our conversation on the challenges women face in corporate, and how to overcome them while staying true to yourself!


  • Allison’s career journey to the executive level
  • Hardships faced by women in the workplace
  • Why she quit her corporate job
  • Advice to women in similar circumstances
  • Defining empathy and how to apply it
  • An example of how to show empathy as a leader
  • Finding yourself and staying authentic
  • Allison’s Psychological First-Aid Guide

Get Allison Frye’s free Guide to Psychological First Aid: https://www.allisoninwonderland.com/pfa-2/

Have questions beyond our discussion about how to become a powerhouse leader? Book a call with me and let’s talk! https://www.coachmebernadette.com/discoverycall

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