Why Gratitude is Critical to Your Success!

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Gratitude is a quiet but powerful tool that leaders often overlook. In fact, research shows that workplace gratitude reduces stress, increases happiness, and fosters a more compassionate and collaborative work environment.

This episode of Shedding the Corporate Bitch covers all the amazing benefits of embedding gratitude into workplace culture, including its impact on employee engagement, team dynamics, job satisfaction and more. As I share what you can do to start living in gratitude and express genuine gratitude to your team, you’ll learn the difference between thankfulness and gratefulness — and why the distinction matters.

I also highlight regular feedback as an important way leaders can show gratitude while simultaneously helping team members grow professionally.

Tune in to discover how embracing gratitude can positively shift your mindset, transform you into a powerhouse leader, and elevate your team’s morale and performance!


  • The role of gratitude in the workplace
  • Feedback as an expression of gratitude
  • Thankfulness versus gratefulness
  • The value of finding gratitude in the workplace
  • How to practice gratitude as a leader

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