How to Find Freedom For You and Your Team

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Are you craving the freedom at work to explore your passions, have the time to shut down communication with your team, experiment with leadership style or organizational culture?

During this episode, I dive into the ways freedom can help you become a better leader, and create a team that’s enthusiastic and energized to do phenomenal work. We’ll cover topics like the ideal work-life blend, a strengths and weaknesses analysis, and one of my personal favorites — intrapreneurship!

You’ll also learn from my own experience, including how I’ve blended my career with my passion for pickleball and why it’s so important to answer core questions like: why do I want to work so hard at this job? What’s on my bucket list? What am I willing to sacrifice, and what am I not?

Listen in to start your own discovery process, and bring you and your team one step closer to freedom at work and home!


  • How freedom can improve your leadership
  • Finding your own work-life blend
  • What you can do to get closer to freedom
  • Intrapreneurship as a mindset
  • Leveraging our strengths and understanding weaknesses

Have questions beyond our discussion about how to become a powerhouse leader? Book a call with me and let’s talk!

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