CEO Strategy Call

Are you a CEO who hasn’t had a coach in your corner, maybe you don’t understand the value a coach can have to your role, career and goals, or you simply want to gain some advice, insights or guidance on a particular challenge or decision?

I am offering a FREE coaching session to any CEO who doesn’t work with a coach and wants to understand the value and impact they can have.

Having coached corporate and entrepreurial leaders (VP – C Level executives) for the last 12 years following my 25-year corporate executive career,  I get what it is you are dealing with and I am here to provide you a sounding board, accountability partner and a support system to deal with the changing challenges of our new-normal called work and life.

I promise you that these are not sales pitches or linked to a request of any kind. I simply want to provide you support to manage through these difficult times so you, your team and company thrive today, tomorrow and in the future.

You can schedule your complimentary coaching session HERE.  Please be sure to complete all of the questions so I understand how best to serve you.


Bernadette, your ball of fire coach!!!