How Female Leaders Are Changing the World with DAWN ANDREWS

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Oftentimes when we talk about more women becoming leaders in business, we measure their new roles to the standard of the “old boys club.” What if instead of expecting women to lead the same way, we let them take their seat at the table and do things their own way?

Women exhibit certain soft skills that are crucial to the success of a company, and research shows that their high level of collaboration and empowerment can be more beneficial than the old-school authoritative style. Discussing just some of the benefits of women-led companies on the podcast today is Dawn Andrews, founder of business strategy consulting company, Free Range Thinking, and the Female Leadership Accelerator.

Dawn and Bernadette also talk about the many critical skills that every leader needs and how leadership training can help develop them, as well as why “fake it ‘til you make it” may be an outdated philosophy.

Get inspired to find your voice in business or join the conversation as an ally by tuning in to this episode!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Dawn on her background and journey to starting Free Range Thinking
  • Defining “hard one knowledge”
  • The rise of vulnerability and empathy in leadership
  • What does “Free Range Thinking” mean?
  • Ways to create your own table
  • How should men be included in the conversation?
  • Benefits of women being in key leadership roles
  • Women who don’t support other women in business
  • Shifting attitudes in the field of HR
  • Changes Dawn has seen in female leadership and leadership training
  • Teams, tools, and opportunity
  • Dawn’s advice for becoming a leader or reaching their goals
  • Topic of Dawn’s book, Brave Conversations Workbook

Learn more about Dawn Andrews’ company, Free Range Thinking, and her Female Leadership Accelerator program here!

Download Dawn’s eBook, Brave Conversations Workbook, here!

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

The Power by Naomi Alderman

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