From Defensive to Welcoming

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How well do you receive feedback from your boss or your peers? Do you approach situations with openness, or do you get defensive? Are you even aware how you receive criticism, or compliments?

In this episode, I’ll help you discover your level of defensiveness or openness, and the reasons behind it — or as I call it, “excavating your soul.” 

You can dig deep into the WHY with my simple exercises, and learn how your reactions and behavior may be impacting your career.

This self-discovery is important to not just build trust and confidence within yourself, but for the relationship between you and your team. 

Powerhouse leaders need to model the behavior they expect from their team, and recognizing your own behavior is the first step.

Listen in to start understanding your own responses, and how to translate the feedback you get into change that will make you a better leader!


  • Types of feedback that can trigger defensive behavior
  • Why leaders needs to be open to feedback
  • How to break down defensive walls and receive feedback
  • Taking inventory of your actions and reactions
  • Building confidence and trust in yourself
  • How leaders can create a safe, comfortable space for employees

What challenges do you have receiving or giving hard feedback, dealing with difficult conversations, or holding your people accountable? BOOK A CALL with me and let’s talk!

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