How to Build Trust on a Cross-Cultural Team with LIU LIU

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Do you know how to build trust on a cross-cultural team who brings diverse backgrounds, beliefs, views, ideas, and values?

Cross-cultural intelligence is your awareness of the beliefs and values of another culture, as well as the behaviors of your own culture. 

Without this type of open mindset in business, there will be a breakdown in communication that will make it hard to engage, collaborate, and even manage a cross-cultural team.

According to today’s guest, global leader and coach Liu Liu, cross-cultural intelligence is the one missing management tool that most leaders don’t know they need. 

Through his years working with cultures around the world, he’s seen firsthand the struggles organizations go through when their teams can’t effectively communicate. But with cross-cultural intelligence, leaders can make sure everyone feels heard, respected, and part of the team.

In this episode, Liu Liu shares what he’s learned about cross-cultural teams, including the challenges they face and how to address these issues. You’ll also hear his approach to building a foundation of trust, setting expectations, and communicating every step of the way.

If you lead a culturally diverse team, are you aware of the beliefs and values of your people? Would you be able to blend ideas and build trust if you were sent to work in another country? Tune in to measure your own cross-cultural intelligence and become a better leader!


  • Liu Liu’s experience living and working internationally
  • What you need to build trust with a cross cultural team
  • The challenges of working in hot versus cold climate cultural countries
  • How communication styles affect trust building
  • Liu Liu’s approach to building a foundation of trust
  • The benefits of learning from other cultures

Have questions beyond our discussion about how to become a powerhouse cross-cultural leader? Book a call with me and let’s talk!

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