How to Have Collaborative Confidence with HEATHER BACKSTROM

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Have you heard about collaborative confidence or even Shine Theory, which proposes the idea that a group can be more successful supporting each other rather than competing?

Heather Backstrom of Backstrom Leadership Strategies shares this theory, along with the three pillars that will ensure women can stay confident as they hold leadership positions.

In this episode, Heather also outlines how you can exude confidence, raise your visibility, support other women in your organization, and more.

If you struggle with self-promotion or lack confidence, tune in to learn ways you can start advocating for yourself TODAY!


  • Heather’s idea of collaborative confidence
  • Why so many women leaders lack confidence
  • The 3 pillars of collaborative confidence
  • What it means to amplify your executive presence
  • How Heather helps women promote themselves
  • Easy steps to become more self-aware
  • Implementing the WAIT acronym to exude confidence
  • The benefits of sponsorship
  • What readers can expect from her book

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