Claim the Stage and Make Your Difference with Eleni Kelakos

Eleni Kelaks

How to Claim the Stage so you can make the difference you were born to make.

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According to Eleni Kelakos, too many women spend too much time hiding in the wings at work and in the world. As a result, their wisdom and big ideas don’t reach the people who need to hear them.

She will share just how to Claim the Stage so you can make the difference you were born to make.

We dive into:

  • The Three Pitfalls (pleasing, politeness, perfection) that can hold women back.
  • How to manage the Lies that Bind (limiting beliefs) that can make you second guess yourself.
  • The Seven phases of the Claim the Stage cycle that take us from the wings to the spotlight.
  • The importance of showing up, stepping up and speaking up when it matters.


Eleni Kelakos, the Speaker Whisperer®, uses performance techniques learned over decades as a professional actress and singer to help executives speak with more confidence and impact. When she’s not coaching individuals or facilitating trainings at companies like General Motors, and Allstate, Eleni practices what she preaches, firing up conference audiences with her signature keynote presentations. She’s particularly passionate about encouraging women to step up and share their wisdom on public platforms. A graduate of Brown University, Eleni is a past president of the National Speakers Association of Michigan. She’s sung the national anthem at Shea Stadium for three (winning) Mets games and produced four acclaimed CDs of original songs. She’s the author of the award-winning book Touch the Sky: Find Your Voice, Speak Your Truth, Make Your Mark, and the #1 Amazon best-seller Claim the Stage: A Woman’s Guide to Speaking Up, Standing Out, and Taking Leadership.

POST your questions or comments below and allow Eleni to show you how to claim the stage with confidence.

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