Do People Really Change?

It happened so subtly, but when I suddenly realized what was going on, it felt like a bomb going off in my heart. ❤️

It was 2010ish. I was a couple of years into my shedding process, as I call it, letting go of anything (mental and physical) and anyone that wasn’t bringing me joy, confidence, and true love into my life.

The route of the path I was on wasn’t very clear to me at the time, but the changes moving into my life, slowly but surely, were clear as glass.
Then, it happened.

At a speaking event in front of hundreds of suits and heels, I was asked from the back of the room, Do people really change?

I paused before responding (which is not always easy for me)
and simply said, ‘Absolutely, I’m living proof.’

I briefly recounted my journey over the last several years, and the steps taken to understand everything that had happened and the why of it all; fired by my mentor, loss of my twenty-five career, coming face to face with the bitch living inside me, getting way to close to near bankruptcy, loss of a great deal of friends and so much more.

As I walked through my story, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Just as there are stages of grief one walks through when they experience significant loss, right there in that room, I had identified a series of steps I walked through that had led me out of my victimhood and to a place of self-accountability and love, that today, I call my Shift to Riches Formula…

I spoke to the man at the back of the room and shared how I finally Discovered who I was, who I truly wanted to be, and what/whom I wanted in my life…

Which forced me to Confront all of the good, bad, and the very ugly about myself.

That led me to decide who, what, where, when, why and how, to Shed those things I no longer wanted in my life,

So, I could Create and Accelerate the new riches my work and life were presenting to me and I finally believed I deserved.

POW!!!!! 💣

Thanks to that man and the hundreds of eyes staring up at me that day, I had gained such clarity and excitement about where I had been and where I was going.

It not only brought tears to my eyes in that very moment, it transformed my entire being going forward.

It has become a cornerstone of everything I do in my coaching practice and in my life.

I welcome you to walk through your own Shift to Riches.

If you feel in any way lost, stuck, unsure, or afraid… at least take the first step and Discover what it is you want and who you want to be.

Comment below your own journey, I would love to hear your story.


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Get Unstuck with Radical Tips

What do you experience or feel when you are stuck?

Today, on Shed the Bitch, we discussed new, different and radical ways you can get yourself unstuck and moving forward. DOWNLOAD the episode now and use the following to help you go from stuck to stride!!!

First, how do you know if you are stuck? This list will help you identify one or more symptons of being stuck, and since awareness is the first step toward change, you will be on your way to getting unstuck.

  • Nothing in your life excites you
  • Your work seems mudane, repetitive, boring
  • The people in your life are more agitating than inspiring or motivating
  • The effort of your work or play seems exhausting, unrewarding.
  • You feel empty, void, blank, bored
  • Your tired, exhausted, exasperated
  • You don’t have anything you look forward to.
  • Folks notice you behaving withdrawn, disengaged, unhappy.

Whether you feel one, several or all of these things, every one of us get stuck at some point in our life… and as opposed to talking the usual ways of pushing through; goal setting, looking at what you want and don’t want, etc… we talk about things DIFFERENT even RADICAL for getting unstuck. Let me know on Facebook / Shed the Bitch your ideas OR your experience trying one of these things.

  • Give in to your ‘stuckness’….
    • Don’t force yourself to fix what you may feel is broken
    • Don’t fight being stuck….
      • Let go of it and everything about it.
      • Acknowledge your stuck and be totally okay with it.
  • Go opposite from planning:
    • Go with the flow of each day with out a plan
      • If you are called to sleep in, sleep in
      • If you don’t have a schedule, don’t have one.
      • If you don’t have anything to do, don’t do it OR choose to do something you ‘feel’ NOT what you are obligated to do and aren’t moved to do it.
  • Runaway from it all – LITERALLY even.
    • My renter…. Costa Rica
    • A friend – to the Georgia mountains to a retreat
    • Another friend – to Italy to paint and taste good wine
  • Acknowledge what got you to this point of being stuck (MAKE A LIST)…. But then X through it and FORGIVE yourself for it. Be OKAY with it…
  • Acknowledge it aloud – to a tribe of people who are curious, interesting and challenging people:
    • You trust
    • Ask great questions
    • Aren’t afraid of asking tough questions
    • Will dig deep into who you are (past, present and future)
    • Are creative and innovative in their thinking
    • OR are simple and uncomplicated.
    • BUT who do NOT give you advice, coaching, counsel or ANSWERS.
      • They don’t know what you are feeling at this moment, NOR should they try to.
  • Journal your journey into, through and out of being STUCK, no matter how many days it takes.Disconnect for 3 days… i.e. Friday – Sunday and be with yourself (and your pets, nature, spirt (God).
  • From Jennifer Louden, personal growth pioneer and writing coach: Write your story of stuck from 3 points of view. First, in 2nd person (“you climbed the stairs”) only the you that is speaking is the stuckness – the stuckness talks. Second, write from the POV of an omniscient narrator – the voice of God or the one who sees and knows all. Finally, from first person, from your point of view. Let each story unfold in its own unique way. Each one will probably be very different.
  • ONLY when you get to the point of really needing to get unstuck – do 1 thing each day that will help you get unstuck (and keep track of them), i.e.
    • Define a goal
    • Write a blog post
    • Review job openings and apply to 1 or 3.
    • Update your resume or business plan
  • HIRE a coach, mentor or counselor
  • Take on something completely NEW –
    • A new job, hobby, program, schedule or routin
      • Job vs. Business
      • Hobby you never considered or haven’t done in a long time 
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        NEXT WEEK – The value and difference between Coaches, Mentors, Counselors and Consultants – and how you can leverage them to ACCELERATE RICHES IN YOUR LIFE.
8 Days till 2015!!! Will you be hungover or pumped with energy on New Years?

Will you be ready to take advantage of the immediate rush that a new year brings? Or will you be sluggish and drowsy as the new year tolls…. fighting hard to get the energy to start again?

If you are reading this post and the prior one’s that have been readying you for 2015….you are bumbling over with excitement regarding the new year – and you should be. There are so many opportunities staring you in the face, if only your eyes and mind are open to seeing them.

There is an old biblical story, often repeated (and generalized as I do), about a man who, while suffering, calls out to God for help. Refusing anyone’s help, he repeats to anyone who attempts to assist him, “I am waiting for God, he will take care of me, I am waiting for God, he will take care of me.”……and yet, his suffering goes on, almost to his death. On his death bed, he yells out….”God, why aren’t you helping me?” In a whisper he hears, “Son, I have sent you a boat, a camel, a rescuer, and more. What else can I do?”

I, myself, used to not see or hear the many opportunities and assistance that were put right in front of me, just at the time I needed them, and even when I never expected them.

Can you relate?

The next time you get a gut or knee jerk response to something, pay close attention to it; if you see a homeless person on the side of the street, think slowly about whether to pass him by. When you receive a call from someone at the worst time imaginable, slow down and consider whether that person and the call is instrumental to THEM as well as YOU. The next time someone calls for a coffee, a meet and greet or to simply talk, who is not on your radar or who you question is needed in your life, think twice before saying ‘no’. They could be the boat, camel or rescuer you have been asking for.  So, make a goal for yourself in 2015 to listen, feel and be open to the people, places, or things that are not the obvious things you expected or asked for in your life.