Silenced and Sidelined – with CARRIE ARNOLD

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How to Lead with a Purposeful Voice!!

“I’m a diamond. You can’t beat me up. I’m rock solid… A diamond has facets and it can lean and glimmer, move backwards and forwards and side to side in order to feel heard.”

Carrie Arnold, of The Willow Group, says this in today’s episode, where she talks to Bernadette about the empowerment women will find when they rediscover their voice in the workplace. You’ll hear words/phrases like “interrogation of work,” “kitchen table,” and “disinvite” — all crucial elements to understanding why women feel silenced and how to manage the symptoms that follow.

Carrie answers the questions – How do women recover from, and manage feeling silenced or sidelined at work? What is the impact of silencing women?

If this phenomenon is new to you, you’re not alone.

Carrie explains some of the ways women are made to feel silenced in the workplace, including microaggressions that are so subtle you may miss them. She’s also sharing how she helps coach women to find their purposeful voice, and important findings when doing research for her book, Silenced and Sidelined.

Bottomline: The world needs more self-aware, evolved leaders, so take a step toward making that change by tuning in and sharing this interview!

Carrie Arnold, Coach and Consultant, is the author of Silenced and Sidelined: How women leaders find their voices and break barriers is the Principal for The Willow Group. She is a Master Certified Coach and has a PhD in Human Development.

She also serves as the program director for the evidence based coaching program at Fielding Graduate University

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How Carrie became passionate about women’s issues in the workplace
  • What does it mean to be silenced, and what is its impact?
  • Examples of what it means to be “disinvited”
  • Are people the problem, or is it the system?
  • The biggest hurdle in progress according to Carrie
  • Surprise findings in Carrie’s research
  • Physical and mental effects of being silenced
  • 4 types of women and how they recover
  • How Carrie helps women move forward in the recovery process
  • First steps to take if you’re feeling silenced
  • Carrie on her book and voice currency
  • What is a purposeful voice for women in business?
  • Carrie’s message to those struggling in corporate America

Learn more about Carrie’s coaching business, The Willow Group, here!

Don’t forget to check out her book, Silenced and Sidelined: How Women Leaders Find Their Voices and Break Barriers!


What questions came up for you during this discussion that has you questioning how to become a powerhouse leader? Book a call with me at, and let’s talk!

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