The Winning Formula: Building Elite Teams with Precision with STEPHEN MORRIS

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Do you know anyone who is a great manager, but a horrible leader? This is a common workplace issue, and it highlights the leadership gap between those that manage tasks and those who truly lead a team.


Veteran Stephen Morris of Renowned Leadership has mastered the art of building an elite team by bringing military principles into organizational culture. In this episode, he outlines how leaders can transform their teams and themselves through community, consistency and clarity. He then delves into the important role of trust, structure, discipline and precision for nurturing a well-functioning team that communicates clearly and meets objectives.

Stephen also shares a unique perspective on trust that may redefine your approach to leadership. Join this conversation on team building and elite leadership!


  • The leadership training gap
  • The 3 C’s of building an elite team
  • Fostering trust and a culture of safety
  • The importance of discipline, structure, and boundaries
  • The value of precision in leadership
  • Bringing the personal into business
  • The role of clarity in team engagement

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