Build a Vibrant Culture with NICOLE GREER

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Organizations need leaders who know how to GET LIT and build vibrant cultures.

Leaders must LEAD with clarity. Leaders must INTEGRATE integrity and Transcend the ordinary.

Our guest, Nicole Greer, of Build a Vibrant Culture, will answer a key question many leaders have;


In this episode, Nicole Greer shares Strategies, Systems, and Smarts to help everyone SHINE.

Learn the IRP method. Meet your leader self and take away applicable tools to enlighten your teams!

Other topics we discuss are:

  • Learn more about Nicole and her passion in this subject
  • How to lead with clarity by giving ‘amazing’ feedback
  • How HALT can transform you as a leader
  • Her SHINE process for creating a vibrant culture
  • and more…

Learn more at

Follow her on LI:


Twitter – @thevibrantcoach

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