Ball of Fire Consulting

Ball of Fire Inc. is a multi-division company focused on igniting change for leaders, businesses and company cultures:

Ball of Fire Consulting ignites the true ball of fire leader within entrepreneurial and corporate professionals through our leadership and personal development coaching, as well as our high energy and educational speaking and training services; improving the productivity, effectiveness, and profitability of leaders, businesses and company cultures.

Do you or someone you know:

– Have tremendous potential but are struggling to find your leadership style that will ensure your success?

– Feel stuck, unsure of how to move forward, or are going so hard you don’t know how to relax?

– Dealing with a difficult situation or person and need support in productively managing it?

If so, then schedule a complimentary 30-minute strategy session and receive tips and strategies you can use immediately, as well, you can assess how having a sounding board, an accountability partner, and a trusted advisor who can help you grow can ensure your success.  CLICKING HERE.



Devin Bass, Founder: “I’ve worked with Bernadette for some time now and I can truly say she is one of the most innovative business minded individuals I’ve had the pleasure to come across. She is a wealth of knowledge in all things concerning business planning, strategy consulting, and leadership development, and has a great network of experts and connected executives she leverages to contribute to forwarding her clients personal goals.

Along with bringing much knowledge, direction, and effective modes of understanding of her clients goals, she is also a passionate individual who will more than exceed one’s expectations. For anyone who is thinking of working with Bernadette, whether it be for leadership coaching or business strategy consulting, I can ensure you that her effort is hardly matched and is only rivaled by her commitment to her clients personal pursuits”

David Orr, CEO Heartstone Restaurant Group: “I cannot say enough about Bernadette! This is an extraordinary, intuitive and passionate business woman and advocate with a driven attitude and exceptional business development acumen. While working with her company “Ball of Fire. Inc.”, she demonstrated again that she is one of the brightest minds in her industry.”