Bernadette Boas, Ball of Fire Inc.

Bernadette Boas is known as a ball of fire business transformation and success coach for powerhouse female entrepreneurs and professionals who are ready to break through the money and time ceiling and create the riches in their work and life they deserve.

Bernadette is also a keynote speaker, host of her popular Shedding the Bitch® Radio and TV show, along with newest, The Biz SNAP Show, and author of her first in a series of Shedding the Bitch® books; Shedding the Corporate Bitch, Shifting from Bitch to Rich in Life and Business, a personal memoir.


Bernadette is renowned as a results-driven coach who has leveraged her twenty-five year corporate   savviness with her entrepreneurial spirit and fresh, creative and bold support and guidance so her clients achieve their goals, overcome challenges and limiting beliefs, develop their people, and build profitable teams and businesses.

“I cannot say enough about Bernadette! This is an extraordinary and passionate woman and advocate, with a driven attitude and exceptional business acumen. She is truly one of the brightest minds in her industry.  I have watched Bernadette work through building her business with fierce resolve only to come out on top! She is a mover and a shaker, and one of a kind! I recommend everyone works with Bernadette.”
– David Storrs, Director of Marketing & Investor Relations,



Why Clients Hire Bernadette:

  • Whether it is coaching, training or edutaining audiences, Bernadette is solely focused on delivering powerful, valuable and passionate messages complete with take-away actions and tips clients (and audiences) can use immediately for themselves, teams and businesses. 
  • She is open, raw, blunt, and engaging about her life stories, successes and failures, which she shares along with the tips, advice and sometimes tough love.
  • She has been there and done that in corporate, within her own business, and in life. She leans on all of it to educate, inspire and motivate individuals to be the best they can be and to build the businesses and careers they will provide them money, time, and life freedom and happiness.
  • She is fun and easy to work with, responsive and thorough for all of her clients – coaching, consulting training, or speaking.

CALL 678-438-1908

Just ask Sharon Noble, VP Global Human Resources at Huber Engineered Materials.

“I invited Bernadette to speak to the Women in our Atlanta office. This was the first event geared for this group. She exceeded my expectations in motivating and engaging the group of women. Examples of the comments we received were; I would love to be with her just 5 minutes a day to keep me motivated, I’m re-energized, insightful, encouraging, I needed someone to push me to think about my personal and professional goals. Bernadette made it real and was extremely humbling in telling her story. We had customer service reps attend as well as the Chief Legal Counsel to our corporation. Everyone benefited.”



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Keynote Speeches and Training Topics include:

  • Declare your Future Today!
  • Shift to Riches in Your Career, Business and Life
  • Confessions of a Corporate Bully
  • The ROI of Women in Business
  • Dealing with Confrontation in the Workplace
  • Breaking the Glass Ceiling with Panache
  • Cobwebs to Clarity™ – Goal Setting and Time Management



CALL 678-438-1908

A Partial List of Clients includes:


If you, your teams, or your company need a ‘ball of fire’ Transformation and Success Coach or Speaker to educate and ignite your team, you can reach her at or 678-438-1908. Refer to her Linkedin profile for additional details.