Meet Bernadette

My Philosophy:
Life is 80% mindset/20% skillset

but few talk about it let alone work on it.

Meet Bernadette

My Philosophy: Life is 80% mindset/20% skillset
but few talk about it let alone work on it.

Traditional measurement of one’s success has always been that their skill set is top priority, yet so many high potential and strong contributing professionals lack the confidence, empowerment, self-awareness, boldness, and courage that lives within their mindset.

What is my role in this?

To empower my clients to discover, confront, and shed what is holding them back, so they create and accelerate becoming the powerhouse leader they are within!!

How can I be so confident that one can transform in such a way?

Because, I did!

In 2008, I was fired by my mentor of 12 years and from my 25 year corporate career.

With a pink slip in my hand and the words ‘You’re fired”  ringing in my ears, I lost everything including my confidence, self-belief and overall identity.

What further destroyed me was the realization of my ignorance and blindness to the real reason I was let go.

It was simple:

I was the ultimate corporate bitch.

The kind employees feared and bosses didn’t want to deal with. It was at that moment, I made a decision.

Bernadette Boas, Ball of Fire Coaching, Business coaching

I would invest in my own personal growth and mindset development, while my twenty-five years of expertise and skillset talked for itself.

Afterall, it wasn’t my inability to do my job or even produce significant results.


And, there are so many so-called leaders out there operating the same way: thinking that they are irreplaceable because of what they know or can do…

That is so far from the truth.


Throughout my journey, which I refer to as ‘excavating my soul’, I discovered who I was, who I wanted to be, and what it meant to truly be a leader.


In 2011, I started sharing my story, lessons, and experience in my first book, Shedding the Corporate Bitch, Shifting from Bitch to Rich in Life and Business… to help other high potential professionals, struggling to be the powerhouse leader others  want in their work and life.

Today, I partner with HR leaders, team managers and corporate professionals to give them the tools, processes, and mindset it takes to create powerhouse leaders who are capable of achieving massive success for themselves, their teams, and the business.

Why work with me?

Clients have commented that:

When you choose to partner with me you get a seasoned Leadership Strategist and Coach who:

🔥 leverages my 25 years of corporate executive savviness to provide creative, strategic, and results-oriented plans.

🔥 discloses all of my pains and gains, lessons and blessings to ensure you realize your true potential.

🔥 is as compassionate, giving, and supportive as I am direct, transparent, and no nonsense… in the most loving and caring way.

🔥 is fully committed and determined to make you successful.

Bernadette Boas and her father

My father always said

"Leave people and places better than you found them."

Those words drive me each and every day. ❤️

And, nothing gives me more pride and fulfillment than witnessing the aha moments and achievements of my clients. 🎉

So, how can I support and serve you?

It would be my absolute honor to help your dreams come true.

take action

Are you ready to

Turn insight into action

It all begins with your own self-belief that you are worth it, deserve it, and you have the determination and drive to shift into the person you want yourself and others to be proud of.

All you have to do is say, YES, I’M READY!