Do People Really Change?

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It happened so subtly, but when I suddenly realized what was going on, it felt like a bomb going off in my heart. ❤️

It was 2010ish. I was a couple of years into my shedding process, as I call it, letting go of anything (mental and physical) and anyone that wasn’t bringing me joy, confidence, and true love into my life.

The route of the path I was on wasn’t very clear to me at the time, but the changes moving into my life, slowly but surely, were clear as glass.
Then, it happened.

At a speaking event in front of hundreds of suits and heels, I was asked from the back of the room, Do people really change?

I paused before responding (which is not always easy for me)
and simply said, ‘Absolutely, I’m living proof.’

I briefly recounted my journey over the last several years, and the steps taken to understand everything that had happened and the why of it all; fired by my mentor, loss of my twenty-five career, coming face to face with the bitch living inside me, getting way to close to near bankruptcy, loss of a great deal of friends and so much more.

As I walked through my story, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Just as there are stages of grief one walks through when they experience significant loss, right there in that room, I had identified a series of steps I walked through that had led me out of my victimhood and to a place of self-accountability and love, that today, I call my Shift to Riches Formula…

I spoke to the man at the back of the room and shared how I finally Discovered who I was, who I truly wanted to be, and what/whom I wanted in my life…

Which forced me to Confront all of the good, bad, and the very ugly about myself.

That led me to decide who, what, where, when, why and how, to Shed those things I no longer wanted in my life,

So, I could Create and Accelerate the new riches my work and life were presenting to me and I finally believed I deserved.

POW!!!!! 💣

Thanks to that man and the hundreds of eyes staring up at me that day, I had gained such clarity and excitement about where I had been and where I was going.

It not only brought tears to my eyes in that very moment, it transformed my entire being going forward.

It has become a cornerstone of everything I do in my coaching practice and in my life.

I welcome you to walk through your own Shift to Riches.

If you feel in any way lost, stuck, unsure, or afraid… at least take the first step and Discover what it is you want and who you want to be.

Comment below your own journey, I would love to hear your story.


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