You deserved it, b*tch!

“Did you really think you didn’t deserve to get fired? You were a royal b!$&*”

Are you f*** kidding me? This is what my best friend told me on the worst day of my life!?!?!

[Day 2 of …]

At first I was pissed… then I was shocked… then I couldn’t down my third martini fast enough before I threw her out of my house and told her not to worry about calling me anytime soon.

[More on that in a future post… because ‘that’ story is a doozy!]

What you’re about to read is *just* Day 2 of what would forever be known to me as the ‘great firing’. If you missed Day 1 – check it out HERE.

And, the day would end COMPLETELY unexpectedly (so keep reading)!

The door shook on its hinges as I slammed it behind Holly — happy to get her harsh comments out of my mind.

Slowly… half drunk, I made my way to the couch.

Moments later, I passed out fully clothed, never noticing that I locked my two-year-old labradoodle, Charlie, out in the yard.

That is, until my 5:30am alarm blasted and cut through the drinking binge I had gone on the night before.

As I had done for decades my alarm put me into familiar action…

I jumped up frantic and sprung into gear… Charlie, shower, protein shake, and getting dressed for the day.

Calling out to Charlie as I went toward the back door, there was no Charlie running to me to say good morning.

I panicked.

Where was he?

What had I done?

I nervously stormed through the house yelling for him.

But there was nothing…

Only dead silence.

What the …

Suddenly, there was barking and scratching at the door.

Oh, thank God!

I threw open the door where he stood staring up at me, as if saying, “Mommy, how could you?!”

He jumped into my arms as I embraced him with tears.

Then it finally kicked in…

I am going to be so late!!!

I raced to the shower.

Heart pounding, and my head spinning, trying to get sober and focused for the day.

As the water poured over my face, it hit me like a ton of bricks…

I had NOWHERE to go, nowhere to work.

I didn’t need a shower…

I didn’t need to dress…

I didn’t have a place that wanted me around (anymore)

Turning off the shower, I stood there frozen, dripping wet with shampoo running down my face.

Sure, I could still make my veggie/fruit protein shake, it has always served well as a great hangover recovery drink, but…

It took about a split second for that thought to turn into nausea and took me right back to bed — with the world spinning uncontrollably around me.

What would happen hours later… I wasn’t at all prepared for!

Because… buried under blankets and pillows with Charlie snuggled up against me, my blackberry started beeping and ringing ENDLESSLY.

Obviously, the rumor mill and news of my firing was flying not only at the office but across the globe.

Twelve years as a C-suite executive and hundreds of people working with and for me… it didn’t surprise me.

The multitude of smart ass comments and few supportive messages did.

Everything from –

“You’ll be missed, Bernadette.”

“I can’t believe he fired you.”

“Nice knowing you.”

“It’s about time.”

“Karma’s a bitch, isn’t it?”

Shit!!! I couldn’t take it anymore.

I hurled the phone across the room, smashing the tall gold gilded floor mirror.

With the sound of breaking glass, I buried my head under the blankets. My gasps of tearful breaths caused Charlie to creep even closer to me and rest his head on my stomach.

By the time the sun disappeared from the skylights above me, I was suddenly wide awake and panicking over the rush of events from the day before.

Why is this happening to me?

How dare he ‘f’ me over after all of these years!

What are they saying about me?


Then, as quickly as the panic came it left me and a sense of calm and clarity replaced it.




I’ve been given a clean slate… a second chance…a reset button.

But was it?

One thing was for sure…

It was time to talk to the one person, one confidante, who has always been there for me and didn’t pull any punches in giving me a reality check.

I crossed the room to recover my phone and dialed my sister, Peg.

As expected, she was logical, insightful, and supportive.

Though she played the role of nurturer, she also played tough love coach and worked to inspire me to simply move on and take care of taking care of myself.

An hour later, the phone was dead and yet I felt alive than I have ever felt before.

It was exciting and scary at the same time.

I’m all in, I thought.

It’s time to get busy.

I’m going to show those guys that I won’t just survive but I will THRIVE without them.

Bring it on!

You won’t believe what I did next… more on that next week 🙂

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Until next week… it’s a story you don’t want to miss!

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