Become a Content Creation Ninja!

Someone recently asked me what it took to create all of the content I share each week.

In her voice I could hear exasperation and exhaustion over the idea of her needing to do the same.

First, I assured her that just because I was doing it, it didn’t mean she had to.

Secondly, I let her know that if she did decide on a similar plan, it doesn’t have to be hard.

Lastly, I shared with her my own journey of failing and succeeding creating content to become a content creating ninja.

It was early 2011 and I was preparing for my book launch happening in August.

I can still feel the panic attack that came over me one evening, around midnight, as I sat on my couch with my computer on my lap and who knows what television show blaring in front of me.

It was all out warfare with myself to get the final tweets posted around my upcoming radio show (which I started to promote the book), the book itself, Shedding the Corporate Bitch, and everything and anything you wanted (maybe) to know about me.

And, this was following days after a marathon of creating, scheduling and/or posting content across every other platform available at the time, and in every format the gurus were proclaiming I needed if I wanted to be seen.

Suddenly a wave of pure, deep seeded anxiety came over me. My heart was pounding right out of my chest. A storm of utter and complete fear that I was having a heart attack flowed through me.

I slammed my computer shut, went to bed, and didn’t get out of it for two days. I was done.

Not with my dreams and goals, but with the frenzy that came with pursuing and achieving them. Being a process and productivity junky, I knew there had to be a better way.

Then my devoted coach at the time threw water in my face (figuritively) by stating it was me creating the havoc, panic, and stress… not the content or need for it.

From what turned out to be both a strategy and therapy session😄… my whole view of content creation changed.


If you’ve been on this earth for several decades, doing and learning what it is you may now be coaching or consulting on, you have ALL of the content you need to establish your business, brand, and yourself in the digital universe.

You don’t have to start from scratch. That in itself should give you some breathing room.

But, what you do with that content is what turns you into a Content Ninja.

  1. Let’s take this BLOG POST as an example. Once it’s completely written (taking roughly 1 hour), a week’s worth of content is done and now I can:

✔︎ Take excerpts from it and use them on posts of various lengths.

✔︎ Use the topic and create various videos from the same information. Use it as an outline or script of talking points.

✔︎ Pull out the tips and create images, quote cards, info graphics, etc.

✔︎ Use the stories as written or visual posts or training.

✔︎ Repost the CTA as a stand alone or within the above.

✔︎ Create a short-term lead magnet from it.

✔︎ Turn the topic into an podcast or video episode show, though I only recommend this if you are in an advance stage of your business.

✔︎ Create a multi-day online launch or challenge.

✔︎ Define a framework around it and include it in my coaching work.

2. Rinse, Repeat and Reuse

Even better, if you really want to be a Content Ninja, and you already have content created and distributed over the last number of months or years, you can rinse it off, repeat it, and reuse it.

For instance, in prepping for this post, I recalled doing an earlier training video on Rinse and Repeat, so I went and pulled it out.

In less than an hour, I reviewed, edited, updated the intro and outro… and pow, a new piece of content that can be used in an:

  • article
  • post
  • mini tip video(s)
  • quote cards
  • rich tip posts

3. Keep a Big Idea Content List

Remember, you already have everything you need in the form of topics, ideas, talking points, stories and more.

✔︎ Buy a small journal or notebook specifically for Big Ideas.

✔︎ Spend 10 little minutes and start scribbling down all of the different topics, ideas, stories and more you can talk about.

✔︎ Make note of categories or main topics those ideas could be grouped in.

✔︎ Capture new ideas, thoughts, tips, quotes, etc. you come across or think about during any given day.

✔︎ Refer to this list when planning out your content.

4. Self-Assess your Ninja

✔︎ Complete a creativity self-assessment to determine when and where you are the most focused, productive, open and creative, as well as the medium of content that resonates with your personality, style and tone.

For example, ask yourself:

  • Are you most creative first thing in the morning (when it’s quiet), or night time?
  • Can you get it done daily or do you need to block out a full day to get it done?
  • What will leave you feeling energized and productive versus burned out?
  • and more..

COMMENT BELOW if you need a copy of my Creativity Self-Assessment.

5. Maximize Your Productivity WHEN You Create.

✔︎ Based on your self-assessment, be very intentional about blocking time out on your calendar specific to content creation. Treat it like any other critical appointment and get it done.

6. Plan for Sanity Sake

✔︎ Have a Content Creation and Distribution Plan you can refer to regularly, such as:

  • What content will be created during which timeblocks of days or hours.
  • Define When and Where each piece of content will be distributed.

Content creation does not have to exasperating or exhausting. It should be fun and enthralling as it is your voice, personality, and self being shared with others.

So, be sure you are not the cause of your resistance or avoidance in becoming a content ninja. Put intentional thought and planning into what it is you want, how it fits to your goals, and what is needed to get it done.

That in itself will give you sanity and freedom, position yourself in the digital universe, and help to attract your perfect client, employee, vendor, partner and others.

NEED SUPPORT, GUIDANCE, and COACHING in this area, book time to talk with me about your goals, opportunities and challenges and let’s see how together we can transform you into a Content Ninja!!    >>


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