Why is returning back to work following a vacation so hard!!!

Why is it so hard to return from a vacation?

For two weeks, I was able to disconnect, semi-completely at least; just checking for client emails or 911 text messages (meaning they need me immediately).

Now, I’m staring at hundreds of emails, DM’s and linkedin messages that I still need to work through.

What I wouldn’t do for the white beaches, dolphins, pickleball games, and tiki bar cruises!!!!

Until that happens again, I am jumping back into work with both feets; refreshed and ready to kick in the doors of May!

How about you? Do you have a powerhouse plan for the month? 

Now, before I totally immersed myself back into the work I was doing pre-vacation, there were 3 things I made sure to do and recommend for you as you return from a vacation, start a new month, or decide to take on something new:

1. I made sure to sit back and spend time with the memories, photographs, and even the artwork that was done by me, 3 of my sisters and a couple of nieces.

It’s important to not rush back, unpack, and jump right in, quickly disgarding and forgetting the experience you just had. Reflect, reminisce, and simply relish the memories.

Can you pick which painting is mine?   HINT – she has four legs and her name is Coco.

2. Yesterday, I used my return to re-evaluate what I discovered during my downtime about what I have been doing and what I want to be doing, not only in May, but the rest of the year.

The discovery: I am doing way to much and it is draining my energy, self-care and even my results.
POW – that hit me like a pile of bricks.

What have you discovered about yourself, your work, and/or your achievements (or lack of) that you want to change so you remain true to you and your goals?

3. I met with my coach to discuss my discoveries and firm up the new plans I formulated. It was so rewarding and motivating. When we were done, I sat back, closed my eyes, and took myself back to the large table of laughter, cocktails, card games, and family of last week.

Who do you reach out to discuss your discoveries, plans and goals, or when you are stuck, frustrated, or unsure of what to do and when?

Remember, you can always schedule time to walk through your plans, challenges or opportunities to ensure May and every month is a breakthrough and powerhouse period for you.

Whatever you do, May is here. Let’s kick in it’s doors and have a rich month!!!

Yesterday’s ASK ME ANYTHING episode of Shedding the Bitch Radio addressed 4 of your questions/challenges:
– How do I compete with all of the people out there doing exactly the same thing as me?
– How can I do what’s needed (in my business) when I have very limited funds?
– I’m absolutely exhausted and am nowhere near where I expected to be, and April’s almost over. HELP!
– When will it end? Not just the virus but the stress of it all. I am paralyzed. What can I do now to move forward?

Check out the audio HERE or watch the video interview HERE

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Here are some shots of my 5 sisters, nieces and in-law that made our 20th Jungle Chicks vacation a blast:

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