10 Reasons Entrepreneurs Get Stuck And Tips to Overcome

We all get stuck at one time or another. It all depends on what we do about it and how we handle it.

As someone who coaches, talks to, and interviews entrepreneurs at all levels of the spectrum, from start up to seasoned entrepreneur, the main difference I find amongst them is the fierce determination to do whatever is needed to get themselves moving again.

The majority of so-called entrepreneurs find it so much easier to give up or make up excuses why it’s not for them, then to do the work needed to move forward. Which is really sad and such a loss on so many levels, when all they need to do is step away and evaluate what’s really going on; around them and within them.

Here are 10 reasons why you could be stuck and growing more and more frustrated each and every day… with tips how to push through it.

1. You aren’t really clear on what it is you’re working toward – your goal.

Believe it or not, only 3% of people have written goals. Majority of business owners I speak to say they have goals, but they are in their mind, making them simply a dream or a wish.

RICH TIP: If you want to guarantee clarity, focus and confidence about what it is you are doing, then write down your goals and use the SMART methodology for doing so.


2. You don’t know what your true WHY is.

It’s fabulous to have your goals written down but understanding WHY it is you are willing to sacrifice, compromise, and work your butt off to achieve something, is what is going to get you up every morning determined to do what it necessary to achieve your goal.

RICH TIP: On a piece of paper list out WHY it is so important for you to achieve the goals you have defined for yourself. Not the surface reason, i.e. pay off debt, but the emotional / heart reason, i.e. to give my family a secure and stable life.


3. You aren’t fully committed to either your goal or your why.

It’s one thing to understand your WHY, but are you truly committed to doing anything it takes to achieve it, i.e. sacrifice buying the latest phone, a new car, or splurging on that family vacation. If you are not, then even your WHY won’t prevent you from getting stuck.

RICH TIP: On the same pages you have defined your goal(s) and Why, list out the sacrifices, compromises, and work you will do to achieve your goals and commit to your Why. Once you do, write out a Commitment Statement that declares your commitment with a signature and date.  Keep that statement close by where you can see it.


4. You aren’t comfortable in the driver’s seat – as CEO.

Whether in business for a month or a few years, one big gotcha for business owners is when they realize that they are the CEO of their life as well as their business. After all, if they don’t achieve their goals and create a sustainable business they may also fail their life aspirations as well.

RICH TIP: As soon as you read this tip, wear the CEO hat with pride and with responsibility. Use that title and role to inform yourself about the questions to be asked, the decisions to be made, the actions to be taken and the investments to do. Then be excited about the results to be achieved as a result.

CEO’s think strategically BEFORE acting tactically. So, each morning, ask yourself 3 empowering CEO questions about what needs to be done that day and how you want that day to end up.


5. You lack accountability – from self or someone else.

When you don’t have anyone to answer to then you can make up any outcome you want to satisfy your ego and not disappoint yourself. However, it is proven that by having an accountability partner, thus sharing your goals, you have an 85% chance of achieving your goals. Plus, having someone by you, whether that be a friend or a coach, mentor, provides you the unbiased, constructive, motivational, and engaged support one needs.

RICH TIP: Identify and ask someone to be your accountability partner. Come up with a plan with expectations and needs, a schedule, and roles, and engage someone personally or professionally to support you. It is key to success.


6. You don’t have the structure and disciplines in place to keep you from distractions, getting stuck, or getting off course.

The reason why some people can get tons done and achieve so much, while others struggle, is not because they are working themselves to death. Instead, they have the habits, routines and disciplines in place that ensure they are grounded in their mindset, in their daily work plan, in the prevention of distractions and detours, as well, as the priority of what needs to be done when.

RICH TIP: Define a morning routine along with a structure for your work day. Make a list of the things you will do each day to ensure you act and achieve what you have planned, i.e. My morning routines includes:

  • Prayer
  • Daily Devotion Reading
  • Journal Gratitude’s and Reflections
  • Read my Limiting Beliefs and the New Decisions I’ve Made About Them
  • Visualization
  • Ask 3 Empowering Questions

That’s all in the first 20 minutes of my day that then leads into:

  • Daily Planning and Goal Setting
  • Prioritization of Actions
  • Time Blocking
  • etc.


7. You are consumed with doing everything instead of something.

Do you suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) to the point that you feel you have to be on every social platform, serving every type of customer, creating many products, offering numerous services, doing every strategy everyone else is doing, i.e. writing a book, podcasting, funnels and opt-ins, etc.?  If you said yes, this will be one of the biggest killers of your results and success as an entrepreneur.

RICH TIP: Pick 1 of each: 1 narrow client niche, 1 product and/or 1 service, 1 social media platform (your client is on), etc.  Going narrow and deep will make your far more successful than going wide and shallow.  You don’t have the time, monies, or the stamina to serve everyone by giving them everything, everywhere, all of the time.


8.Your more comfortable creating your products and services vs. selling them.

The reason why 90% of entrepreneurs make less than $100K is because they are scared to death of selling what it is they are in business to provide. So, they busy themselves every day with creating new products and services, marketing messages, social posts, funnels, courses and programs, and more.

RICH TIP: Learn to love a number of things when it comes to selling:

  • Love presenting your product and service to those that need it.
  • Love solving a problem or a need someone has that you can solve for them.
  • Love knowing that NO doesn’t mean they are rejecting you. It isn’t for them or not the right time.
  • Love rejection because it tells you one more thing you need to know about the people you are presenting to, the product or service, or the timing of the offer.
  • Love getting to the Yes despite how many ‘nos’’ you may hear.


9. You are in student mode versus doer’s mode.

Stop hiding from the hard, uncomfortable work by burying your head in another webinar, training course, or book. Simply doing it and giving it your best will keep you moving forward and knowing that you need help and asking for it, will ensure you are not only moving forward but reaching your goals.

RICH TIP: Learn to ask questions of someone, anyone. Get resourceful in reaching out to family, friends, colleagues, even strangers on LinkedIn, Facebook, the various marketplaces like Fiverr or Upwork for advice, guidance, tactical work and more. Plan and act constantly and consistently will ultimately lead to you achieving your goals. Guaranteed!!


10. You aren’t investing in both your mindset and skillset.

It took me until I was 45 to realize that my skillset was NOT going to bring me the success that I wanted. After all, I was a massive producer, great at getting results. But, I was an insecure, easily intimidated, and fearful leader. I lost everything in 2008. Your resume, profile and skillset are not what is going to allow you to build a business. You need to focus daily on elevating your mindset.

RICH TIP: Make elevating your mindset a daily practice by always seeking to learn something new about yourself through prayer, meditation, self-reflection, journaling, gratitude and thankfulness, and visualization. Self-awareness of what is holding you back and propelling you forward is the key to success.



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