Get Rich, Let Go Of Your Regrets!

Happy February!!! How are you?

February always kicks off with a bang for me, as my birthday celebration January 29th, usually plays out until February 1. What can I say, I love celebrating life.

I also love the social messages I receive with well wishes and blessings for a great year. Thank you so much, they made my day!!!

I thought I would share one of those posts which asked a pointed question that often stirs up emotions, including confusion, for some people.

The question? “What regrets do you have?”

My response – “None”

The follow-up – “You don’t regret anything? How about when you say you were such a bitch to so many people. You don’t regret that?”

I respond, “No”.

It’s not because I like causing other people pain… gosh, no.

It’s because today, right now, I can’t do anything about the past, other than apologize for it and decide what I can do about it in the present and going forward.

That’s where transformation, change and freedom comes.

I truly believe, every trauma, failure, misstep, bad decision, hurt, shame, guilt, or other negative experience or encounter, is actually something to learn from; a teaching, lesson, point for reflection or redirection, even a blessing.

And, boy… did I learn a hell of a lot from those experiences. But, I don’t regret them because they taught me so much about myself, the human condition, and what others want and need from me.

More so, all of those experience, situations, encounters, and circumstances, along with their outcome, lesson, teaching and blessing, made me who I am today; with all of my beauty marks and my warts.


What regrets are you carrying with you?

If you beat yourself up, keep yourself from ‘doing it again’, or allow a decision, situation or relationship to prevent you from pursuing and achieving your goals….

AND you want to change it, consider taking these steps:

Draw 4 columns on a piece of paper:

  • First Column  – list any and all regrets you have
  • Second Column – consider any lesson, teaching, take-away or blessing you have gained from it
  • Third Column – consider the impact it has had on your life
  • Fourth Column – make a new decision about taking from it what you can grow from and shedding what is preventing you from moving forward. 

It’s not just your physical weight you need to be concerned about. Consider the emotional weight of those regrets and the lack of energy, confidence, and motivation they create.

Shed your regrets and you will shed pounds off of your heart and mind, maybe even your body.

ASK ME ANYTHING episode of Shedding the Bitch Radio is live tomorrow, and I am going to dig into the question of regret even deeper.

Ben Winter of Success Improv joined us last week to discuss “What to Expect When Having Expectations” and provided tips on how not to be disappointed by the expectations you have set.

A great add on to the discussion of regrets.  Check it out here on YouTube!

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