How to Shine On Camera and Off!

You may expect me to say right off that it takes confidence to shine on camera.

It certainly does, but I will also tell you that you can fake it until you make yourself comfortable and at easy.

I know, many people turn their nose up to the idea of faking it until you make it. Not me.

It has been my go to for decades when I was fearful of trying something new or uncomfortable. For example golfing.

In my twenties I headed up a consulting project up in Chicago at Sears. I was the only woman on the team and I found that many days, about 3:00 p.m., the team would disappear on me. Sometimes, I would catch a few of the guys leaving with my client.

I was dumbfounded they would leave me behind and asked them what they were up to. They simply said they would going to the executive course (9 holes) right now door.

“I’ll be damn if they are getting my client alone without me”, I thought. So, I bought myself some clubs, all of the approrpirate wardrobe and shoes, and invited myself to the next outing.

Could I play well? Hell NO, not for a long time. Was I insecure about how poorly I played, especially in front of my client. Hell YES.

But I did know when to pick up the ball and keep the game moving, so noone was arguing. They even got a few laughs from it. And heck, I looked the part in my fancy golf skirts and tees.

You don’t need to be perfect or confident when you start something new and scary. You can fake it until you are comfortable in an interview, so you can expand and grow your business, advance your career or enrich yourself.

It’s so worth the scare.

Here’s a few things to consider about any type of interviews – podcast, on-camera or even a face to face (for a job, a book, your business, etc.)

  • Interviews are merely a series of questions to discover who you are and what you are about.
  • They are CONVERSATIONS between two or more individuals. Picture a fireside chat if you need to.
  • They’re set up to build you up, promote and showcase you and your business, book, or whatever else you may be wanting exposure on.
  • The interviewer is there to make you look good, NOT to harm you in any way.

Sure you have to:

  • Practice
  • Prepare
  • Polish
  • Promote yourself
    • I actually like to call this ‘honor your riches’. Be okay with touting yourself, your work, and the results you get your clients or employers.

Keep in mind:

  • Interviews are discovery conversations about you NOT sales pitches. Do NOT sell, sell, sell. It is such a turn off.
  • Not everyone will relate to you and that is completely okay
  • Your listeners are excited to learn about you and the expertise you have. They showed up to listen or watch, didn’t they?
  • Most of those listening are too scared to be interviewed themself (like public speaking), so they won’t care if you flub up.
  • Life happens and things will happen that will catch you off guard, cause you to flop an interview or really shine. Just go with it.
  • People move on (from their perceptions, judgements, memory) and so should you, if you aren’t happy with your appearance.

More importantly, your work and business/career, deserve to be showcased to others through interviews, so don’t let your FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) stop you from your ultimate goal; expand your career, business or life.

Tips for shining on camera or off in an interview:

  • Practice –
    • Create a list of questions you could be or want to be asked, write out the answers and practice.
    • Talk to yourself as much as possible – in front of a mirror, in the car, at your desk, in front of a camera, etc..
    • Set up your camera and simply talk. Use the above questions or simply come up with a topic to talk about and talk.
      • Record it so you can go back and review it.
        • As I looked over my video interviews and challenge sessions this past year, I noticed that I overly exaggerate my words as if my audience wouldn’t understand it. I have since relaxed my speaking style on camera (I think:))))
    • Ask a friend to interview you on camera and provide you feedback.
    • Just do interviews over and over again. You will find your style and rhythm and learn to love doing them.
  • Prepare –
    • Establish a goal and desired outcome for your appearance on a particular show AND for doing interviews in the first place.
      • You are not doing interviews to do interviews. There has to be a specific goal and outcome you want. Define it and use it to ensure you prepare in a way that will allow you to achieve it.
    • Formalize the following to provide a show host or manager when pitching to be interviewed:
      • Your BIO – short and sweet
      • A photo of you, your book or other core content
      • A list of topics you can talk on with a brief description and take-aways for the audience
      • A list of questions you want to be asked
      • A list of your social handles
      • A brief description of any promotional items or give-aways you want to promote
    • Do your homework on the show you are being interviewed on.
      • Listen to a few episodes of their show to understand the style, the flow, and the audience.
      • If being interviewed, ask if they have specific questions or do you need to provide them.
      • ASK if you can promote your business or will they AND if they have a specific format they have to when they/you will promote.
    • Test, test and retest your technologies long before your scheduled interview.
      • Verify that your sound and camera are on (not muted)
    • Set up your environment that will be on camera so there are no distractions for the viewers and that you are comfortable, i.e.
        • Have a copy of the materials you provided the host.
        • Keep a list of any links you want them to share – in case they don’t have them.
        • Have an extra microphone or headset in case of issue
        • Put a glass of water by you.
  • Polish
    • Dress to the audience, this shows you know the audience and are meeting them where they are.
    • Look at above – set up your envornment
    • Send a thank you note to the host and, if applicable, the booking agent.
    • Follow up on any give-aways or correspondence to listeners and such
    • Ask the host for a testimonial of your appearance.
    • Ask the host for recommendations of other shows you would be a great fit for
  • Promote
    • Here’s where confidence comes in – KNOW and BELIEVE that you are an expert in your field and own it. Honor the riches of skill, talent, expertise, experience, and self that makes you who you are.
    • As noted above, do NOT sell, sell, sell yourself, your book, whatever throughout the show. It is such a turn off.
    • **Before, during and after, promote the show out to all of your networks and be sure to tag, give testimonial, and thank the host for having you.


Interviews can be fun….. you just need to be YOU!


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