What is your Shedding the Bitch® Story?

I’ll never forget my encounter with a lovely woman who approached me at a conference in Las Vegas where I was marketing my book, Shedding the Corporate Bitch.

She had heard me speaking to a large group of entrepreneurs about my transformation from what I call, bitch to rich. When she approached me I could tell she had been crying, so I drew her close and asked her to share her story with me.

It turns out, in her words, ‘I didn’t deal with shedding the corporate bitch, but instead the cancer bitch.’

A few years earlier she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and as many people would, she lashed out on the world and on herself for a long and painful year, before she realized that wasn’t working for her, her loved ones, her friends and her work… she needed to change.

‘Using your words, I needed to shed the fear and anger I felt toward my cancer if I wanted to get better.’


We all have stories… points of time in our life where we realize what we are doing or feeling is no longer working for us, and hurting not only ourselves but those we love.

It’s time to shed your bitches so you can create the riches in life you deserve. So, which bitch of fear, insecurity, doubt, negativity, pain, hurt, even anger, did you shed so you could move on and create riches in your life?

Let us help you tell your story.

EMAIL mediarelations@balloffirmedia.com if you have a story to share and you could become part of our Shedding the Bitch® Series of powerful, transformative, and inspiring stories our listeners, viewers and readers are needing to help them shift from bitch to rich in their own life.

Here are just a few examples:









If you ever wondered how you can let it all go… to shed the thick layer of fear, distrust, pain, hurt, maybe shame or even disgust over what HAS HAPPENED to you in the past, so you can have a joyful, free and RICH today and future, then consider sharing your story and purging your emotions into a story that can transform and inspire so many other people.

We would love to hear them and celebrate you in the process.

If you haven’t checked out my own story, Shedding the Corporate Bitch, pick up a copy today and leave a comment or review. Each of us can always use a supportive, compassionate, and loving person to keep us lifted and rich.


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