7 Tips to Get Moving on Setting Your Goals

For many, setting goals is a chore and one they would like to just skip over or simply ignore. It may sound strange, but I find it exciting.

Goal setting is like sculpting; molding my dreams into powerful abundance attracting magnets. But, I get that not everyone is crazy like me.

Here’s 7 tips to help you out:

1. Starting with a blank piece of paper, simply write, doodle or sketch what it is you want to bring into your work and life.

2. Pay attention and make note of the parts of your dream that excite and motivate you. Ask yourself, WHY am I so excited about this and add that to your notes.

3. Turn those aspects of your dreams into specific goals and write them down. People with written goals have a 50% greater chance of achieving their goals than those folks who do not.

4. Share them with close confidantes, mentor or coach, and take your chance for success to 90%.

5. Build your tribe – We all need support and your specific goals may require the expertise, skillset, and resource of those in your network or ones you need to invite in. Don’t hesitate reaching out and upleveling to experts who are where you want to be.

6. Proactively plan for the things that will get in your way: ask yourself:

  • When do I start giving up on my goals?
  • What sabotages my focus, confidence, attention and overall productivity?
  • What resources, skills, knowledge, investments will I need to achieve my goals?

This tip is one greatly overlooked. Being self-aware and proactively planning for the variety of things that could take you off track will greatly minimize the hit you take to your mindset and progress.

7. Have fun along the way no matter what shows up in your day. These are your goals, your dreams, your legacy and your happiness!!!!  Enjoy the ride.

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