Be okay with other’s judgement of you!!!

Have you ever had someone, close to you, question or even judge what it is you’re doing when it comes to your career, business or life, leaving you stunned or worse yet, doubting your own decisions, choices, and self?

It recently happened to me.

A long time friend animately questioned why I continue to work on my own business, when I could go back into corporate and secure a high paying and high status job, that wouldn’t force me to work so hard. Then, as if being interrogated, she challenged me over being single, not even trying to find a relationship… stating, ‘why, when it is such a lonely and isolating time right now.’

Fighting the urge to snap back, I stared out in space, as I often do when I am trying to calm myself down and collect my thoughts, and simply asked myself – What is the real reason for her judgement and questioning of my happiness, security or stability?

Was it because she was truly concerned for me OR was it she was questioning her own happiness and the decisions she has made in her life?

I simply responded, “It’s okay, I’m not expecting you to understand.”  She fell quiet and didn’t continue her inquiry.

Later that day, I spent time going over in my head our conversation:

I believed strongly, there was no reason to question myself and the choices I have made. I love my life and what I do. I didn’t even have to question her for understanding, knowing that even if I did, I may never know her real reason.


So, don’t let affect you, let alone, cause you to doubt yourself. Instead, be fully confident in the decisions you have made and the plans you are pursuing because you are the ones pursuing and living it; they are not. You are the one taking the risks, they are not. You are even the one pursuing your dreams; they may not be.

You may never get, even the closest people in your life, to be open minded enough to understand or their heart open enough to accept it.  Don’t fight it, simply be okay with it.

RICH Tip: Stand strong, confident and true to your values, beliefs, and goals so the opinions and judgement of others don’t negatively affect you or cause you to question yourself. Unsure of what you truly believe in? Spend time journaling in depth about it.

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