Be Impeccable With Your Word, Not Easy But Doable!!

Last Sunday, I returned from a long awaited trip with my four sisters to Ocean City, New Jersey, that had us chasing dolphins and humpback whales 10 miles off shore, taking long walks, and enjoying a daily round of pickleball and cocktails. It was no wonder, on Monday morning, I found myself hitting the snooze button multiple times without my usual, get up and go energy. It was more like, let’s stay in bed and not do a damn thing.

That feeling stayed with me as I stared into the mirror getting dressed. The immediate dialogue running through my mind sounded something like, “Why do you look liked you aged 10 years”, “I’m so not in the mood to work’… and later in the day, “Just give up, it’s almost Thanksgiving. Go back to bed’.

I knew I had to snap myself out of it. I was sabotaging not only my productivity but my self-confidence, and there was still a lot I wanted to get done by week’s end, before Thanksgiving, and even by the end of the year.

Just as I made that decision and sat back at my desk, I noticed the following image on Facebook; The Four Agreements. Are you familiar? It’s a book from Don Miquel Ruiz, first published in 1997, with a massive following. Someone created this snap shot of the agreements.

Since it was short and sweet, I scanned through it but quickly dismissed it as it didn’t seem relevant to anything I was doing. As the day moved on, and into Tuesday morning, that same image popped up on my computer screen multiple times across Facebook and LinkedIn, and in an email blast about The Four Agreements from a popular business coach I follow.

‘OKAY, universe. I’m listening’, raced through my mind.

I suddenly noticed the first agreement – Be Impeccable With Your Word and the message the universe was sending; I was failing miserably with this agreement. There I was, beating myself up for not storming back into my work and hectic schedule, instead of appreciating the time with my family and the exhaustion the fabulous, fun and very active vacation had given me.

I certainly didn’t mean what I was telling myself and those words definitely lacked truth and love, and were only filled with negativity and judgement.

Can you relate?

In almost every session with my clients, who are stressed out, overwhelmed and trying to figure out their true purpose in life, time is dedicated to coaching them about the significance and power of the words they say to themselves. Stressing how those words are the exact reflection of the words they use with others; either creating understanding, connection and successful outcomes, or creating stress, lack and overwhelm.

It’s been the greatest and most transformative lesson and realization I have learned over the last decade. It was now time to remind myself of my own lessons through the eyes of The Four Agreements and become impeccable with my words. To use the power of my word in the direction of truth and love toward myself, which in turn, will reflect onto others.

How do you talk to yourself? Are you aware of when and how you do; and the impact those words have on your outlook, mood, energy and actions?

RICH Tip: Spend 1 day, a single day, paying attention to every word you say to yourself. Jot them down, sit with them, and recognize the impact those words are having on your spirit. If you decide you don’t like the affect they are creating, change your words.

PS – it’s not as easy as it sounds, but it is so worth the work in focusing and practicing it. I guarantee you.

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