I’m a coach, there’s no excuse for not having goals.

Recently I had a client who was hemming and hawing on sitting down and getting her goals laid out. As a coach, I hear all of the reasons why someone doesn’t want to do something, including setting their goals. They’ll say,

“I don’t know how to set them” – Really? I’m your coach, my whole platform is on goal achievement. If you don’t feel comfortable on how to set goals, you certainly know the SMART methodology for setting goals. NEXT?

“I don’t have time to set them” – Well, look at that, the time we work together is dedicated time for us to work on them and together. NEXT?

“I don’t want to commit to any goals because they’re always changing” Sure, I get it, priorities change, the bosses goals change so yours change. But, how often has that happened to you to where you can’t manage changing, updating or adjusting your goal?

– Or, is it you don’t want to be accountable to them.


“I’m afraid to set them, because what if I don’t achieve them?”

BAM… now we’re on to something.

Rarely, is the excuse for not having goals is not knowing how to set them. Every life, business, health, fitness, and sports coach lives goal setting. They may not focus on it as the key aspect of their work, as I do, but it’s always a part of their partnership with a client. As it should be.

What is your excuse for not having goals OR even acting on your goals.

Now, I could go easy on anyone who acknowledges they are afraid of not achieving them, some are even afraid of achieving them. But, as a coach, I can’t let you off that easy as EVERY PROBLEM OR EXCUSE HAS A SOLUTION or ACTION THAT CAN BE TAKEN.

You simply have to choose to push through the fear, get your goals down on paper, and take 1 action toward achieving them. Just one.

If that doesn’t convince you to jump up, grab a pen and journal, and start scribbling, let me ask you a few questions:

  • how is your life going without goals or taking action on your goals?
  • how much are you losing by not pursuing your goals, i.e. revenue, income, a relationship, happiness, security, etc.?
  • what is the worst thing that could happen to you by taking 1 step or action on your goals?
  • what is the BEST thing that could happen?

Here are a few simple tips to address the above excuses and fear so you can move forward and end the year with a bang and kick the door in on 2021

RICH Tips:

  • Download the attached Goal Setting Template and use it as a guide in defining or updating your goals.
  • Time block just 30 minutes on your calendar, just like you would any other appointment or meeting, and use it to work on your goals.
  • Make a commitment to YOU, if no one else. Declare – “I am worthy of achieving my goals!”
  • Register and join in beginning next Monday, December 7th for our 5-Day Goals to Riches Challenge. www.GoalstoRiches.com


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