Eliminate Stress by Being Present in the NOW!

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How much time do you spend ‘worrying’?

How many sleepless nights are caused by worry?

What impact does your worrying have on your money, family, work, and YOU overall?



Today’s post and Ignite Thursday Video Training session (access it by joining our Shift to Riches FB Group) is all about finding ways to minimize stress, get out of your head, and to find a place of peace and calm with little worry, so you LIVE FULLY/

To get the most out of this post (and/or training) and be PRESENT, NOW – close the door, turn off all of your technologies, and remove any distractions around you. That in itself will help you be fully present and consciously aware of what you are experiencing in the present moment.


A favorite bible scripture I lean on quite a bit is this –

“Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? Since you cannot do this very little think, why do you worry about the rest?”

My Dome’s Day

For decades from my mid-twenties into my mid-forties, I lived in a state of DOME’s DAY, each and every day; anticipating doom before it ever happened. I thought it was protecting me, yet, I realized it was wreaking havoc on me.

Can you relate?

NOW, this is the thing with worrying or having a dome’s day (VICTIM) attitude.

  • You are miserable.
  • You take it out on people, the refrigerator, even the liquor cabinet.
  • You can’t think logically, clearly, thoroughly.
  • You are emotional, temperamental and maybe even angry.

And it is preventing you to:

  • Think clearly and unemotionally
  • Think strategically and creatively
  • Think logically and soundly

so you come up with a solution or just next steps to take to minimize or prevent your worry.  Instead, you’re LOSING minutes, days and months of LIVING your life and losing the little time you have!


  • Living in the past that can’t be redone or rewritten.
  • Anticipating and being anxious about the future you cannot predict.
  • Trusting yourself that you can handle a situation.

Keep in mind, the only thing you can control is what is going on RIGHT NOW…. not a minute from now, a day, week, month or year from now. Just right NOW. But you are asking yourself, what does living in the now look like? Or what isn’t it?

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Example of not living in the now – Have you ever driven to work and when you got there, you wonder – HOW DID I GET HERE?

Why is that important? You not only LOST TIME, you LOST LIFE in those moments, and an opportunity to experience that drive; the quiet of your car, the sound of music or words of a podcast, the sunshine or night fall, etc. You lost the opportunity to LIVE IT.

What does it feel like to be present?

Consider that same drive to work, and this time, you are fully alert, aware, attentive and active on the drive. You feel the steering wheel under your hands, the cars streaming by, and the music playing. You find yourself singing to the music or taking in the outside surroundings, and you’re not thinking about anything else but that drive. You pull into a parking spot and you recount in detail those miles, easily. You are present and in the NOW.

Author – Myrko Thum says – “The present moment is the only thing where there is no time. It is the point between past and future. It is always there and it is the only point we can access in time. Everything that happens, happens in the present moment. Everything that ever happened and will ever happen can only happen in the present moment. It is impossible for anything to exist outside of it.”

How can you work on it?

  • You first have to acknowledge:
    • Weakness is OK
    • Conscious Awareness
    • Commitment
    • Practice
  • Be MINDFUL of what you are doing, thinking, saying, being at any point in your day, even if that means you have to stop yourself, pause, breath and reset yourself.


  • WASH YOUR HANDS – since these days we are all taking 20 seconds or so to wash our hands, use it as an opportunity to be totally ‘IN” the action of washing your hands. Let your mind go blank and simply pay attention to the warmth of the water, the suds of the soap, and the movement of your hands to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned.
    • What are you thinking about? How does it feel? What is the smell of the soap and the temp of the water?
    • How do you feel – peace, calm, cool or distracted, stressed, in your head?


  • Stay fully conscious and shift the time you spend in the PAST OR FUTURE.
  • Let go of the need to CONTROL what happens.
  • Give up on FOMO (fear of missing out) – who cares if you do?
  • When you start to WORRY – pause, breath, and focus on your breath.
  • Confront immediately what you are worrying about – don’t avoid or ignore.
  • Journal your worry and move into noting actions you can take to solve your worry.
  • Assess your being at any point in time – how do you feel, what are your thoughts, words, beliefs.
  • Spend time and visualize your goals.
  • Define a mantra for yourself, such as ‘I am fully present here and now”

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You are not alone is trying to make shifts in your life. Feel free to SCHEDULE A BREAKTHROUGH CALL where we can discuss further what you are dealing with and I’ll provide you tips and strategies for addressing it, NOW. If you want to practice being present and mindful, book an appointment and we can walk through some exercises that you can then use on your own.

Let me know your comments and questions.






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