Starting anything is hard… BUT

Starting anything can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Most of the time we are making it hard for ourselves by the words we use, the statements we say to ourselves, and the habits we refuse to change even when we know they’re working against us.

For me, it is my absolute stubborness about starting something new on any other day but Monday.

This simple thing has ruled my life and has often delayed my jumping into something and reaping the benefits of those extra few days. Like, when I want to start a new diet or fitness routine and its a Tuesday. I’ll tell myself, “Oh, I’ll start on Monday and use the rest of the week to get mentally and physically ready”. When actually what I am doing is giving myself permission to pig out for the rest of the week until Monday morning rolls along, and hopefully, I’m prepared to jump in. But, many times that’s not the case, and I simply added to the pounds and stress I was carrying around.

Instead, I have learned a few tricks to get myself out of that self-sabotaging cycle that maybe able to help you:

  • I share my goals with the world!!
    • I put my goal out into the social sphere – what I plan to do, when I want to get started AND when I want to reach it. I share it in writing and even on video and put it on Facebook for the world to see, expecting they will hold me to it… at least for the initial few days.
  • I ask a friend or two to join in with me.
    • It’s always easier and more fun to take on something hard with someone else there to sweat along with you, whether it is a business or personal goal.
  • I ask several folks to hold me accountable to my goal.
    • This could be family, friends, colleagues or even strangers on Facebook group pages or meetup groups.
  • I engage a professional coach.
    • Whether my goal is about my business, writing or even something in my personal life, the coaches I have engaged over the years have been invaluable to me in pursuing and achieving my goals. They keep me grounded, optimistic, steady, and focused on WHY the goal was important to me in the first place.  Joan, Phil, Debbie, Peg and so many others have guided me to my goal achievement so many times. I could have done it on my own, but why? We all need a circle or even one person to be there for us and to help us over the hurdles and to celebrate our successes.

The next time you set out to start a new goal, consider one or more of the above. Your goal and happiness will thank you for it.

Today is Day 1 of my 14-Day Fitness Challenge with Kathy Smith and her Fit Over 40 Facebook Group. They have motivated into completing day 1 and though there are 13 more days of this challenge…and some would say opportunity to fall short of completing it, I always air on the side of being motivated and accountable by the tribe of supporters I surround myself with, and that does include all of the above.

Try it yourself and let me know how it goes for you.

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