What does it truly mean to be persistent?

What does it truly mean to be persistent?

It means wanting to throw your laptop out of the window because nothing seems to be working while simply uploading a video or creating a simple template in Mailchimp, but instead, you take a deep breath and forge on looking for additional self-help videos on YouTube.

It means distracting your frustration elsewhere and calmly searching room by room for the cellphone you had just seconds ago that now seems to have been abducted by aliens.

It means despite any challenge, obstacle or pandemic you are confronted with, you remain vigilant to your goals and use them to fuel your momentum FORWARD instead of down and out.

As the days tick on in isolation, it may become harder and harder to remain hopeful or optimistic. However, consider the alternative and ask yourself, do I really want to be buried underneath fear, uncertainty, desperation, negativity and loathing for however many days this continues?

What a burden a mindset of doom and gloom creates, making it even harder to climb out of it.

Choose instead to affirm what you are grateful and thankful for. Consider the many blessings that surround you, feed you, protect you from the storms and comfort your rest. Look around and clearly see all of the wonder your life possesses and hold onto all of it when the ‘bitches’ of pessimism and fear ensue.  Write them out into a journal and take time to read them and appreciate them in black and white.

Negativity and fear requires a constant check-in of the thoughts, feelings and words consuming you, at all levels; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. But just as easily as  they can consume you, so can positive, uplifting, energy fueling and abundance creating words, feelings and thoughts. Hit the SHIFT switch and move into a place of gratitude and thankfulness where calm and peace can be found. You’ll then also find the persistence to push through the muck and move forward into abundance. I promise.

If you need help or some advice for gaining or remaining persistent, don’t hesitate to reach out BernadetteBoas@BallofFireInc.com



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