Creating Calm In the Storm

Cheers, Happy Saint Patricks Day!

Being an Irish Catholic from Philadelphia and a family of 14, this day and excuse for a celebration is one of my favorite holidays to get out with friends, have a couple of drinks, and a lot of laughs. Here in Atlanta, with all of the chaos breaking loose over the pandemic, we even can get out still if we want meet in small groups though restaurants and bars are limited to the number of people that can gather. I chose to remain at home, not wanting to add to the issue or take any unncessary risk.  That said, it is critical we focus on making life in this temporary new-normal as normal and enjoyable as possible, as we don’t want to look back at these days, weeks and months and only find a vacuum of emptiness. We have to LIVE no matter our situation….and that’s what we talked about today.

Past Shed the Bitch Episodes in case you have missed them –

Last week, we talked briefly about turning the fear you may be feeling to simple CONCERN so you can logically and unemotionally plan, prepare and protect yourself and your family. But in a week, many things have changed – schools are closed, many work offices have sent folks home, and store shelves are emptying. I still believe FEAR is ‘false evidence appearing real’, even when the world is screaming fear, panice and desperation.

It’s all about perspective… so the key question to be answering is – what benefit or cure will FEAR or panic bring to me?   OR   What will a positive attitude, smart planning and preparation bring me?

We have already seen that Fear and Panic has created:

  • Desperate, feverish dialogue online and in person.
  • Empty food and supply shelves
  • Fighting in the stores, airports and planes.

And, I will confess – the confusion between the leaders of our country, the media, and our social online interactions hasn’t helped to quell those fears. So, there is NO judgement here about how you HAVE responded.

And it’s not to say that Planning and Preparation hasn’t created strain, stress and fear, afterall –  government planning and preparation is leading to

  • Schools and day care facilities are closing – leaving parents to scramble
  • Work places closing or if so lucky, sending folks home to work remotely – leaving many to go without income to pay for food, bills and mortgages.
  • Some towns are going into lockdown impacting the total economy… savings, investments and more.

The anxiety of the big unknown is real. LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE EPISODE for tips and advice for overcoming the fear AND creative ways you can be grateful and thankful for this new normal.

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