Shift from Fear to Concern and Prevention

I thought it would be important to discuss MINDSET as a result of the fear and chaos going on right now around the globe regarding the Coronavirus…

It is creating a sense of uncertainty that will make the 2008 recession look like kids play. Let’s see what we can do to look at it logically and unemotionally and consider what we can do physically and mentally to combat it.

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I always speak about the fact that FEAR = false evidence appearing real…

Now, where the Coronavirus is concerned, it has created a great deal of fear – not just about getting sick but also over loss of job or pay, cost of supplies and lack of products, and more. We need to clearly discuss CONCERN and PREVENTION vs. FEAR over anything you may confront in your life.

Concern allows you to consider the impact to you and your family, your job and your community. That concern should lead you to PREVENTION and not Fear.

With any small or big issue in your life… you have a choice as to how you look at it and how you confront and address it.

  • You can allow it to create such a fear that you become desperate, anxious and stressed – impacting all areas of your life –
    • Racing to the store and clearing off the shelves
    • Panicking not only yourself but your family
    • Losing sleep affecting your mood, attitude and health
  • You can look at it with concern and a knowing that you need to:
    • Educate yourself
    • Take precautions being proposed
      • Cleaning hands
      • Protecting yourself from touching things
      • Distancing yourself
      • Staying away from large crowds
      • Cleaning your hands
      • Ask your employer for options
    • Go on with your life and work

Bottomline – if you are allowing this life issue to affect you negatively… than you are saying you prefer to live as a victim or potential victim, an actor of desperation, fear and more. BUT, you have to consider – what benefit will that give you??


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Then keep these things in mind:

  • Commit to you
  • Care for you
  • Create your goals
  • Learn everyday
  • Take risks and misstep daily
  • Acknowledge your B’s and find solutions
  • Honor your RICHes everyday
  • Affirm daily who you want to be and what you want
  • Shed the people, places and things in your life DRAINING YOU
  • Surround yourself with people who will help you GAIN
  • And with that seek the guidance, support and accountability that will keep you on your path…. Afterall, you have this one life to live and it goes really fast, don’t give up on you dreams for a bit of FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL

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