To Do or Not To Do a Podcast

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Podcasts are all of the rage. And a huge benefit to podcasting, according to Podcast Insights, is that as of January 2020, there are just over 800K podcasts, but over 450 million blogs! Why is that good? Well, it shows that podcasts have a long way to go to catch up and saturate your client base as blogs have.

Does that mean you stop blogging? NO. It means you should look at the WHY podcasting may be valuable to you, and your career or business.

To get started –

Instead of asking ‘Do you need to do one?’, ask yourself ‘ What value will a podcast have for my listeners’? Why would I do a podcast? How do I want to use it for my business, brand, or personal life?

  • Like a book or blog, it could be your calling card for attracting new business opportunities – speaking, training, coaching, a job, etc..

From there, the steps to initiate a podcast are pretty standard no matter who you talk to – but of course, I will give you my take on the standards so you can stand out. And it comes down to 1 thing…. wait for it!

  • First, decide on an umbrella topic you will be talking about (that can support multiple episodes). Umbrella meaning the topic covers a lot of areas, subtopics, potential guests, etc..
  • Define your target audience as you would a customer – location, age, gender, likes/dislikes, etc..?
  • Know the value, impact or ROI you want and will bring your listeners.
  • That should then inspire a name/brand or face for your show.
  • Choose a format – this can cover a lot of things:
    • is it conversational, interview, helpful hints and tips, OR is it a ‘who dun it’, solves a problem, etc.
    • Will you have guests, a cohost or do it alone?
    • Is it daily, weekly, monthly?
    • Is it just audio or will video be involved?
  • Lay that information out it out in an outline that can be used for multiple purposes – informing guests about the show, attracting sponsors and partners, etc..
    • Most importantly, the layout of your show allows it to be repeatable and a standard flow or process.
  • Create an image or art for the show and content you can use for social sharing.
  • Have an intro and outro, even commercial, scripted and recorded.
    • Maintain all files for future changes and updates.
  • Research the equipment you will need – microphone, sound board, etc..
  • How will you record and edit, i.e. therefore which software do you need to buy and budget for
  • Decide where will it be deployed, i.e. a podcast platform, streaming services, your website, all of the above, etc.
  • Market, market and market
    • And the way you will distinquish yourself from others and your show rise to the top – is to market it the moment you decide you want to do one. **** Even before you have a name, you can post “Stay Tuned’ messages, then introduce the title of the show, then the format, etc.. As you are planning, defining, and building the show, be sure to tell as many people about it as possible. Day 1 you will have a following already established.

The other way to differentiate yourself is – BE YOU on and off the podcast. Select a topic, format, brand, etc. that reflects who YOU truly are. That is why people will tune in and you will LOVE doing it.

LISTEN to our full podcast episode addressing this very question –

Lastly – its not extremely difficult to get started but its also not just hitting a record button. Be patient, stick with it, seek help as you need it. Just have fun!!!

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