Power of Habits to your Success!

We have recently talked about how if you change your Thoughts AND change your Words, you can change your life. Well, you can add Habits into this formula for success as well. Because, as we each probably can admit, some of our habits are doing us more harm than good. Can you relate?

So, consider our RICH questions- What habits do you have that are empowering you and which are creating stress or lack of focus and energy?

In the best selling book, The Power of Habits, Why We Do What We Do by  Charles Duhigg.. he states that, Almost 40 percent of our actions each day are the result of habits, not decisions. Scientists have found that the replacement of just one set of neurological patterns can overhaul them all.

The book also describes a Habit Loop which drives our habits – it consists of a Cue… or more specifically a Craving, which leads to our Routine, and then ultimately a Reward – which doesn’t imply its good for us, i.e. smoking and lung cancer.

Now, more interesting is that Charlies claims –  Habits emerge without our consent. To save energy, the brain creates a habit loop that looks for a trigger to cue a behavior. 

BUT, you’re not off the hook because you didn’t consent to overeat, beat yourself up, smoke, work out impulsively, etc.

So, then what will it take for you to shed the destructive habits and keep or create the productive habits that rule your daily routine?



What can you do to change or create new habits –

  • Define a WHY that is productive, empowering, enriching to YOU.
  • Change 1 thing about your routine or habit – smoking less, gym only a few times a week, reading empowerment or business books, etc.
  • Start small – even with just 1 thing you find is hurting your happiness or productivity.
  • Find a new habit to replace a destructive one –
  • Commit to the new habit for at least 30 days – NO OUTS.
  • Create a trigger for yourself – a band around your arm, snapping your fingers, cleaning your desk before working, putting on music.
  • In a blog by Scott H Young – he suggests
  • Use “But” – A prominent habit changing therapist once told me this great technique for changing bad thought patterns. When you start to think negative thoughts, use the word “but” to interrupt it. “I’m no good at this, but, if I work at it I might get better later.”
  • Work on your will power, determination and persistence daily –
  • Identify tools or tips you can use to combat fatigue, emotional stress or other destructive cues and cravings that may come up.
  • Find a source of accountability – who can you share the change with

Whether it is an enriching habit or destructive one, you have the opportunity to transform your life by not only changing your thoughts and words, but your habits as well.  LISTEN to the full episode here.

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