Ask Me Anything – #1 Most Awkward Interview Question, How to Podcast and more…

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It is the first show of the year and it is going to be a powerful, tranformative and results oriented year. ARE YOU READY FOR IT!!!! Before we highlight today’s Ask Bernadette, make note of our show for next week – The Shift to Riches Formula that will bring you success in this new year. Past Radio Shows include –

This weeks Ask Bernadette was all about your questions, stories and challenges and we have some great ones to kick off the new year for all of you –

  • Carl asked me – How to answer the #1 most awkward question in an interview (and in life)?
  • A business owner asked, How do I go about assessing my business last year in such a way it helps me this year?
  • Ravi asked me about podcasts – Should he be doing one and if so, how to go about it?

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