Your Story Could Change the World… Write it!

A recent conversation with Christina, a fan and follower of Shed the Bitch, ignited by love for writing; including the writing process. She wanted to understand what it would take to write her personal story and I found myself eager to want to help. Afterall, she has one hell of a story and as i told her, she could enrich and save lives, many many lives.

Following our 90 minute discussion I realized there are many others just like Christina who has something to say that would inspire, educate and move people. So, it became a focus of our podcast today…. Write Your Story and Inspire Others.

Your RICHquestion – what story or expertise do you have that could inspire, educate and move someone?

We first took a look at the types and genres of writing you may want to do:

  • Blogs, Tutorials/Courses, Ebooks, Books, Scripts
  • Memoirs – yours or someone else’s
  • Fiction – childrens books, art, horror, mystical, sci-fi, etc.
  • Non-fiction – using your expertise – health, fitness, business, leadership, entreprenurship, marketing, etc.… a key event/history, science, etc.
    • Academic
    • Scientific
    • Medical

I then walked through a series of steps you could take to turn your story into a powerful piece of writing:

  1. Determine WHY you want to write the book
  2. Determine your writing style and approach
  3. Set a deadline and
    goals with metrics for each stage of the book – summary, outline, manuscript, etc.

Listen to the EPISODE for all of the steps, tips and advice for turning your story into a goal from your dream and to a reality!!!

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