Intimidation Sucks – Shed it!!

Are you someone who is targeted with intimidation by a family member, friend, peer, boss or someone else? Are you one who is known to be intimidating? Do you purposely intimidate others?

Intimidation can wreak havoc on all areas of your life. As a leadership coach, I see it more often than true leaders of companies and lives should accept. This week on Shed the Bitch Radio/Podcast we dug deep into it to educate, inform and provide tips on exactly what intimidation is and how to handle it.

Areas covered:

  • What is intimidation?
  • How does one intimidate?
  • What forms does intimidation take, i.e the one intimidated, the intimidator and those who intimidate unknowingly.
  • Where does intimidation occur?
  • Why would someone intimidate?
  • What are the impacts?
  • Steps for overcoming intimidation

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NEXT WEEK – How to write a book… your story.

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