#StoptheStigma of Mental Health

Let’s stop the stigma around mental illness… it’s purely #mentalhealth, just as there is physical, emotional, spiritual, even financial health.

Why? Last Wednesday on @CBSThisMorning  @GayleKing and others discussed how to #StoptheStigma for the 45 million people in 2018 who have experienced mental health challenges and how to support them.

Your RICHquestion – What do you deal with that negatively impacts your mental and emotional health? 

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To get a real picture of the impact of #mentalhealth, Patrick J. Kennedy, former Rhode Island Congressman and son of Senator Ted Kennedy, opened up about the impact the suicide of his 22 year old cousin, Saoirse Kennedy, had on him. Below is the moving letter she wrote at age 18 to her class of student friends, to highlight her own struggle with depression. It’s a MUST READ….

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