Ask Me Anything – How do I know when to hire someone?

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This week I was asked – I’ve been working for myself and alone for awhile. How do I know if it’s the right time to hire someone?

First… ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you need or want to make more money?
  • Will hiring someone make or save me money?
  • Are there skills I need that I don’t have?

If you answer YES to these questions, you are ready to delegate (to someone you already work with) OR hire (as either a W2 or 1099).

Another way you can decide if you should be hiring someone – if the time you are spending IN your business is keeping you from working ON your business – growing or making it profitable.

To determine which activities need to be delegated, hired or even deleted from your list: Take
1 full week, 7 days, and track EVERY personal or professional task you
take time to do within your 9:00-5:00 work day OR the core hours your
potential customer is available to buy your products or services.

Those hours are considered your REVENUE GENERATING hours when you
should ONLY be prospecting, marketing or selling your business.

  • From the above list, anything that is not prospecting, marketing
    or selling your products and services should be delegated, hired or
    deleted. Note – all personal tasks or errands should be done during your
    NON-Revenue Generating hours. This is a MUST DO.

Then, use the following formula to determine which tasks on the final
business list are of priority to delegate, hire or delete (from your

  • Know your HOURLY VALUE, which is the amount of $ you
    could earn each hour when focused on prospecting, marketing and selling
    your product and services.

    • Take 2080 Hours which is the total number of hours there are in a Work Year… and DIVIDE it by the Total Gross Revenue
      you want to earn in that year, i.e. If you want to earn $100,000 and
      you have 2080 hours to do that, your Hourly Value is $48.08/hour.
    • Now,
      look over your list of tasks you MUST do within your Revenue Generating
      Hours, and identify those tasks that are LESS in value than your Hourly
      Value, i.e. If you spend 2 hours in a day doing social media yourself,
      that tasks takes you away from earning $96.00 from those same hours. You
      find that you can hire someone to do your social media for $15/hour or
      spend $30 for those 2 hours. This tells you that you should delegate or
      hire someone as you are losing the opportunity to make a profit of
      $66.00 ($96.00 potential revenue MINUS spend/cost of $30 for the hire).


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