How can you support International Women’s Day now and onward?

International Women’s Day is Friday, March 8th, 2019.

Their mission is: Celebrate women’s achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality. A balanced world is a better world.

Go to their site to learn more, get tips and advice and find out how you can host an international women’s event.

Now, I’ll add my ideas for both women and men, as we all can support
the cause of advancing women, closing the gender and pay gap, and much


Define for yourself, as a woman, how you want to be treated, communicated to, managed, supported, etc.

Assess whether you are being true to that OR you need to work on it…. as this STARTS WITH YOU setting an example.

Commit to supporting, coaching and mentoring other girls and women. Lift them up as much as you want to be lifted up.

If you have decision making power or influence at home, in the
community or at work – use it. Speak up, step up and require change.

When you learn of mistreatment or inequality – do something about it. DON”T contribute to it or allow it.


  • you have mothers and sisters, aunts and friends, AND you may
    have daughters!!!!!   Ask yourself – how would you want your daughter to
    be treated, communicated to, managed and supported?
  • assess yourself for any biases, judgement or attitude you have toward the women you work with.
  • start
    conversations with your male colleagues and your leadership team
    regarding their individual views and the company attitude toward women
    in the workplace, equality of women, pay disparity and more. Be open,
    forthright, transparent and honest in your views.
  • require change where change is needed.
  • be a leader in your company toward the cause

LOOK UP Jeffrey Tobias Halter – He
is a corporate gender strategist and the country’s leading expert on
engaging men to advance women. He has great resources, tips and
initiatives to help men / fathers / brothers and others to support and
raise up women.

Check out his Father of Daughters initiative

Stand up and support the women in your business… not by words but by actions, behavior and policy.

This Week’s ASK BERNADETTE went into detail on this question – LISTEN HERE:

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