Can people really change?

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Once again, as I share my ‘shedding the corporate bitch’ story to a
roomful of business professionals, I get one of them raise their hand to
challenge the idea that anyone, especially a renowned bitch, can

It flabbergasts me someone would ask the question, but more so, that they feel so hopeless and jadded. Whether someone is 20 years old or 80 years old, it’s sad to think someone believes one can’t ever change. Of course someone can. If not, then what are we doing living, if not growing, shifting, evolving, shifting and transforming. CHANGING.

So I decide to turn the table on them and ask… Who have you worked at or attempted to change?

They look at me confused, though most women have an immediate reaction, after all, they are infamous for wanting to change others; especially men.

It is well documented, even bragged about, women are laser focused on
changing the behavior, habits and dress of their mate… so why is it so
hard to fathom those same women can’t change themselves.

Change isn’t even, but it certainly is possible, very possible. How?

  1. It first takes COMMITMENT… absolute, deep seeded and firm commitment. Simply, you have to want it.

Maybe you are done making excuses, blaming other people, playing the
victim or having a pity party. Maybe, it is that you are over feeling so
shitting, depressed or negative.

Whatever it is, it creates a firm foundation for change.

2. Then it’s all about SELF-AWARENESS. Being downright honest with
yourself about the areas of your life, habits, behavior, beliefs, values
and YOU, you want to change… you need to change if you want to be truly

3. Once you have defined and detailed that, you can come up with a PLAN you can get behind and act on.

4. Then should you decide you need accountability and support to
ensure your success, you can engage a personal or professional COACH to
be there for you along the way, be a sounding board, challenge your
highs and lows, and provide advice and tips that ensure your success.

5. Most importantly, one who is working on change, needs to be
PATIENT and KIND to themselves… and give themself TIME to experience the
journey and all of the highs and lows self-discovery creates.

Change is not easy…. but change is LIBERATING, JOYFUL and so SATISFYING. Change creates a beautiful and loving life and YOU.

Should you need support and guidance, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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