Is Diversity and Inclusion a ‘way of life’ in your company? Does it need to be?

Last week I had the honor of presenting a discussion on Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion to Increase Profits, for a group of middle market company leaders, hosted by Brandt Handley of Resource Options International, Inc. (ROI). A few questions came out of it, including:  “So, it sounds like a focus on diversity should be an organization-wide “way of life” but how do you go about implementing this focus on diversity and inclusion without falling into the trap or pitfalls of the areas of misconception you mentioned?”

I wanted to address the two parts of that question in a couple of posts. First up: Organization-wide “way of life” –

A single leader heading up a team, department or a division of the company can certainly choose to hire, manage, develop, advance and lead their team fully attuned and conscious toward diversity and inclusion. After all, Diversity is simply, recognizing and respecting your people as unique individuals, and executing in that manner is a key attribute of leadership. Inclusion then completes the engagement of those individuals in such a way they believe they are respected, valued, contributing, heard and supported.

Anyone of us would want to be led and to lead that way. It is the Golden Rule, and those leaders are well aware of the value and measurable results achieved when they have a variety of voices, backgrounds, belief systems, experiences, and viewpoints, working with them.

But, for any initiative to become a business imperative, a part of the fabric of an organization or a ‘way of life’, everyone from the CEO to the board to the leadership team to the employees at all levels, have to be on board. Collectively, they have to plan, implement, train, execute, measure and assess it completely as such. Without every leader in an organization modeling and operating against their end goal, to the point, there is no longer a need to call out Diversity or Inclusion uniquely, the individual leader taking it on, will struggle to make it happen. However, like anything that grows organically and turns into a movement, it can start from the bottom as well as the top. The critical point is to do something, because

You won’t go wrong by working to make it right.

Look for a follow-up post regarding How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Misconceptions toward Diversity and Inclusion, and you can download and watch the entire webinar presentation hosted by Brandt Handley of Resource Options International Inc. (ROI)…. then email me at for the full presentation deck. Feel free to share the below recording and material with your team and leaders.

How to Leverage Diversity and Inclusion to Increase Profits Webinar with Bernadette Boas


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