Are you mentally tough?

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Do you have what it takes to mentally tough… really tough?  The toughness you need to not only actively get shit done but to overcome the daily grind that can get in your way. It’s different than simply having confidence, even self-assurance. It’s about possessing consistent and persistent resilence that can predict one’s ability to succeed, despite EVERYTHING!!!

According to Angela Duckworth, a University of Pennsylvania psychologist – “mental strength is that unique combination of passion, tenacity, and stamina that enables you to stick with your goals until they become a reality.” And, according to Travis Bradberry in the same article,

Developing mental strength is all about habitually doing the things that no one else is willing to do.

When I read that first statement I got chills. I loved the idea of it being a ‘unique combination’ of things, especially when recently a colleague of several years, noted the ‘mental toughness’ he found I possessed.

Really? Mental toughness?

I didn’t have a response. I never considered the trait or unique combination of traits of mental strength. I had always focused on confidence, clarity and persistance. His comment got me thinking and considering the value and the compliment of possessing it.

The following are those consideration. Use them as a checklist for yourself and assess where you currently reside in mental strength (on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the strongest), then decide what shifts you would want to make to amp up your toughness so you too can propel yourself forward and overcome life’s challenges, no matter how big or small.


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Amp up your confidence toward mental toughness –

  • Acknowledge and accept the things you can and cannot control.
    • As you go throughout your day or even the week, make note of the external factors, you can’t control, yet wreak havoc for you. How do you respond? What impact does it have on you mentally, emotionally, physically, etc.?  How long does that situation affect you?
    • Learn to let those things go so you have the mental and emotional space to focus on those things in your control.
  • Learn how to turn the emotional into the logical – out of your head
    • There is a solution to every problem, a plan to every solution, and an answer to any question.
    • When your emotions rise up; write it down. Get it out of your head onto a piece of paper, and come up with a plan to move beyond it.
  • Have a clear definition or plan of what it is your want and don’t want – what you’ll accept and not accept.. and act on it.
    • Simply knowing what you want and don’t want, gives you a decision making and prioritization tool you can use daily. But you have to be aware and honest of what those things are, and stick with them, ‘no matter what’.
  • Be open to failing so you can reap the lessons that always come from it.
    • Seek out opportunities to try something new, do something different, or shake up what you have always done. Then be okay if it doesn’t work out the way you wanted. So you don’t get the job or the raise, or you have to rework the entire project you have been working on, or you don’t get that new client you were sure you did everything right with. Simply assess what you can do differently the next time, and shift.
  • Be steadfast in your beliefs and goals, no matter what the naysayers or others project onto you. Don’t be offended or stoop to their level….Say THANK YOU and move on.
    • If you don’t believe in your goals or self, why should anyone.
  • Be patient in getting where you want to go and obtaining the things you want. Believe that by doing the work it will happen.
    • Enough said. We all want it today, but the universe may have other plans. Take a deep breath, continue doing what you are doing or shifting what that is, and keep moving forward. It will happen.
  • You have to be honest with yourself as difficult as it is to see that in a mirror, or hear it from a friend, boss or loved one, and even if it means changing everything about what it is you’re doing.
    • It’s better to have the truth today and make changes, then to put more time, money and effort into something that weeks, months, even years later, never comes about. Telling yourself lies is no benefit to you or anything you are doing.
    • Not always perfect in this area
  • Be okay to go it alone… though seek out and accept help from others.
    • If you are pursuing and living your dreams and goals, you absolutely will have naysayers, non-supporters, and even haters. Deal with it, be okay with it, and move on from it. Use the energy to find a new support system and community of believers.
  • Push through any and all fears.
    • It’s hard but it is proof of your strength when you accept FEAR as merely false evidence appearing real, and you prove that to yourself, but not allowing it to stop you.
  • Never, ever give up… knowing that when you do, you are giving up on yourself.


I loved this example from Travis’ article – The 10 Habits of Mentally Strong People” –  A reporter once asked Muhammad Ali how many sit-ups he does every day. He responded, “I don’t count my sit-ups, I only start counting when it starts hurting, when I feel pain, cause that’s when it really matters.”

I love the idea of possessing mental toughness. It provides an immediate rush of adreneline for me. How about you?  Where did you rate yourself on the mental toughness scale before you read the above. Now, where do you rate yourself?

PUSH and FIGHT for what it is you want.  It makes the journey and achievement so much sweeter.

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