Want to be known as an innovator? Leverage the ROI of your Women Leaders.

<>If you were told there was one major business imperative, strategy, and ASSET you may not have considered, or are fully utilizing toward the growth of your company and people, which has proven to add significant ROI for leading companies… wouldn’t you want to know what it is and figure out a way to leverage that asset in your business? Any true leader would, right?

The underutilized strategy – women.

BELOW is an in-depth presentation on The ROI Effect of Women Leaders. The data is hard to ignore and the results top companies are achieving by placing women in key leadership roles, cannot be argued. It is a change gamer and one that leveraged, can both innovate and disrupt as your company operates, is perceived, and advances, even in the most challenging of time.

The materials below are leveraged in my speaking and coaching work with corporate and entrepreneurial clients around the world, providing both female and male leaders the insight and hard truths about the role women play in the profitability and growth of business. And, it is being updated due to the ongoing flow of results and achievements being made today.

Feel free to download and utilize for yourself, your team, clients or others.

Should you want to provide an in-depth review and presentation of this materials and findings to your team, contact me at BernadetteBoas@BallofFireInc.com.

Start growing your ROI, ROC and ROE today……


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Bernadette Boas is a sought after speaker and coach on everything that pertains to the advancement and recognition of women in business. A passionate ball of fire leader herself, Bernadette blends data, facts, insights and entertainment to influence change in women’s lives at work and in their home. Contact Bernadette at bernadetteboas@balloffireinc.com to secure her for your next company or association meeting, conference or function.




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