It Happens to Everyone…. Let it Go!

In a given week, I talk with, meet, and get in front of a lot of business people; colleagues, strategic partners, vendors, clients, and prospective clients. Most often, when I first meet them and they hear my name, they’ll respond by saying, “Wow, I see you everywhere.”  Our discussion then often leads to something in the way of, “I don’t know how one person can get so much done…” Often exhausted, I’ll respond, “You’re telling me”… as I laugh with them.

I do get a lot done. I’m a freak when it comes to goal setting, defining the tasks to be done, and even tracking to them. My business coach of nine years helps tremendously in that department. However, there are days, weeks, and even months, when I just feel like I’m spinning my wheels; working on a lot of things but none of it deep enough to create a great amount of traction.

I’m currently dealing with that today, and last week(s).

Don’t get me wrong: I have some major projects underway; a creative + investor event, final edits to a feature film script, responding to speaking proposals, and of course, prospecting and caring for my coaching clients. My goal and to do list is tight, focused, and well defined… but my head is extremely fuzzy, and not congruent with my heart of plans I have laid out. I’m tired actually. Not physically, though my allergies this season have been horrific. But, mentally.

This happens to everyone at some point in time. For me, it seems to happen every year, about this time, leading up to my annual beach vacation with my sisters. The rest of the year I am going, going and going… the accomplishments and contributions pile up. Then, ten and a half months to eleven months in, and I begin to feel drained, distracted, and even unmotivated; and not because I don’t love what I’m doing.

Why is it, our work, whether it is in our own business or for someone else, really makes us earn our vacation?

I joke, but sometimes it seems so true.

Here are some RICHtips we can all follow to stay motivated, focused and energized all through the year:

  • Set those well-defined goals for yourself; by the year, quarter, month, week, and even day.
  • Write out those goals along with a short-term list of To Do’s and focus your attention on executing and accomplishing them.
  • When stuck or unmotivated, reach out to someone to review, refresh or remind yourself of your goals…and even your ‘why’ you are working so hard.
  • Most importantly – forgive yourself for being in a rut, allow yourself to feel the emotions and feelings that come with it, and simply let it all go.
  • Listen to your body and mind…. take a walk or even a vacation to refresh and reenergize yourself.

One last one for me – now being aware of this pattern, that even my coach most likely will even point out to me this afternoon when we talk, I will strategize on new tactics, energy boosters, and work schedule changes, I can make, to ensure that this pre-vacation lull, doesn’t cause stress or mere frustration.

It happens to all of us. We have to learn to be a bit easier on ourselves and allow it to flow over us, acknowledge it, and decide to shed it so we can move on from it.

Deep breaths now!!!!




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