Get Unstuck in 8 easy steps.

Have you ever had a day, month, or even a year, when you felt as if you were running endlessly on a gerbil’s Ferris wheel, going absolutely nowhere? The clock on the wall has moved forward, but you haven’t.

If so, breathe. Take a long deep breath, hold it a few seconds, then let it escape slowly.

For many, being stuck can be debilitating; leaving you feeling unfilled, confused, frustrated, even depressed. For others, including myself, it can be a blessing in disguise; providing an opportunity to look at who you are being or not being, what you are accomplishing or not accomplishing, what you want to be doing, and what you need to be doing to get there.

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It all depends on perspective.

It all depends on if you are present and consciously aware you are stuck, and if, when and how you want to move on from it.

Here are 8 steps you can take today to get unstuck and move forward again:

  1. Set an alarm clock for 3 minutes.
  2. Use those 3 minutes, and only 3 minutes, to write a response to all of the following:
  • The one goal I want to accomplish this week is…
  • I want to accomplish this one goal because… this is your WHY – why will accomplish this goal benefit you?
  • I will take action on the following 3 things to accomplish it.

3. Assess what you wrote; no need to edit it in any way, and pay close attention to how you feel about it. Did it give you focus, energy, or allow you to take a breath? Be honest with yourself. Remember, being present and aware of what you are experiencing and feeling will help you move forward.

  • If it did not provide energy for moving forward, push yourself to do so.

4. Pick and take immediate action on only 1 of those things until you have completed it. Don’t start and stop on one of them. Finish one thing to 100% completion.

  • Note: when done, you will have accomplished 33% of the actions needed to accomplish your goal. Congratulations!!

5. Share with a friend, colleague or mentor/coach, your goal and the 3 actions you will take to accomplish the goal. Share your WHY for wanting to achieve this goal, even if that reason is only because you are stuck. Getting unstuck and moving forward is a great goal.

  • Ask them to hold you accountable to your plan that week and identify a day/time for a follow-up with them.

6. Each morning assess what you have done, what still needs to be done, and plan out when and how you will complete those actions.

  • Block out specific time on your calendar to take action on them, and treat those blocks like any other appointment that you keep and show up for.

7. At the end of the week, assess your achievement with your friend, colleague or coach:

  • what you accomplished that week.
  • what you still need to complete.
  • what you will do and when the following day or week toward achieving that goal.

8. REWARD yourself; no matter if you completed the goal or just a couple of the actions. Even if you completed 1 of the tasks toward that goal, honor that.

Too often, it is only ourselves who puts on the pressure to be going, going and going. Give yourself a break and allow yourself to be stuck. Then, use these BONUS tips to get yourself off the Ferris wheel and moving forward, along with your clock on the wall. Remember, time keeps moving, whether you are or not. Don’t let life pass you by, instead:

  • Acknowledge being stuck, forgive yourself for it, then set a deadline as to when you will get yourself unstuck.
  • When that date comes, or before; follow the above steps, engage a friend, colleague or coach, and allow them to nudge you forward if needed.
  • Don’t go at it alone. Be open and honest with someone and seek their support.

We all get stuck at times. I have been stuck for the last couple of weeks. It’s what made me write this post; to remind myself of steps I can take to successfully move forward. Now I have.

Do you have a tip to share on what you do to get unstuck? Feel free to share it below!!!

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