Great lessons can be learned from a Super Bowl loss!

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Have you ever felt so sure about something, there is nothing or no one who could keep you from believing otherwise?

That’s how I felt about the Atlanta Falcons going into the Super Bowl on Sunday. Every cell and bone in my body screamed success in that game; it was our time and we were ready for it. Long before the game was 28-3, I felt there was nothing that would stop them from winning over the New England Patriots, even when my own sister kept texting ‘it is never over, until it is over.’ And there lies the greatest lesson from this game and the game of life.

  • Until the game is over, until your life is over and you are nine feet under, you can still dream, create, overcome and win, by never giving up. Period.

The announcers kept touting that no team has ever come back from more than a 10 point loss and I bought right into it. The lesson?

  • Never buy into the hype – good or bad. Stick to your plan, believe in what it is you are doing and why, and never stop moving forward.
  • Because once you give up or get cocky, you are the only one losing out when you give up or miss your goal.

My brother texted me, “Wow, either best come back ever or biggest collapse’.  I immediately questioned the collapse and hung on to the comeback.

  • Have a great game plan, execute well with all of the players in the right place at the right time, and you will win!

New England made some unbelievable plays in the second half, mainly the 4th quarter. Near misses turned into beautifully saved catches,  and spot on throws turned into touchdowns. You cannot argue Brady’s arm, as much as I would love to.

I pray Atlanta will observe that:

  • When things are going up for you, you have to work even harder to keep that momentum, or there is a great risk of it falling back down over you.

The second half penalties on Atlanta was certainly a sign of taking your eye off of the ball and putting it squarely on the trophy. The problem with that is, the shine blinds you to the hard work still in front of you to close out the game… and finally it is over, with a loss.

  • Coming back to ‘the game isn’t over until it is over’. You need to keep creating, fighting, moving, and scoring wins; even the smallest ones, if you want to win the big one.

Atlanta will have to wait for another day, but that day will come for them. And that is the last lesson from Sunday.

  • Assessing what worked, what didn’t work, what they would do differently and what they will continue to do… will provide Atlanta another day to play the big game, just as it would you having another, a different and a new chance to define, pursue and achieve whatever goal you are dreaming of.

I haven’t been able to watch or listen to the recaps of the game… it still hurts too much. When I do, I will only hope that the analysts provided the strong as well as the weak side of the game. The lessons that can be learned and the triumphs that can be celebrated.

Both teams beat out other awesome teams, so congratulations Atlanta for making it to the Super Bowl, and here is to tomorrow!!

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