A Letter to America by Erin Boas, Unite. Support. Accept. – USA

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Unite. Support. Accept. – USA

America. I know that your eyes are fatigued from staring at media for the past month, moreover for the past year. I know that your mouths are wishing to be sewn shut after having to be put through the constant battling and debating with fellow citizens. I know that your ears are sick and tired of the tornado of propaganda. And I know that some hearts are filled with joy, while a large amount of hearts are dejected and frightened. But I plead with you. Please do not close your minds on three simple notions; we all must unite, we all must support, and we all must accept.

Unite. From this week forward, no longer shall we define and divide ourselves as Trump supporters or Hillary supporters; today we are merely Americans. According to Jose Antonio Vargas of Huffington Post, “What it means to be an American is in the hearts of the people who, in their struggles and heartaches, in their joys and triumphs, fight for America and fight to be American every day.” We must band together and fight to be American. Continuously fight for the rights that we have spent decades building up. There are no minorities or majorities, there are only Americans. If rights are being taken away from a section of us, rights are being taken away from all of us. We have no room for selfishness and ignorance, only compassion and enlightenment.

Support. Do not waste your time questioning the legitimacy of our system or ridiculing certain groups and parties for making the decision that they had the constitutional right to chose. No woman should be told that she is less than because she exercised the rights that she was rightfully given. Each citizen made their choice for their own reason, and it is not our responsibility nor our right to question the validity of their vote. In this time of change and progression we must not turn against each other or from our president. America can not evolve and improve if citizens are stuck in a stalemate of disagreement. In order to progress we need to support our government and support our fellow citizens.

Accept. Accept the fact that there is no turning back. What is done is done. Accept that it won’t be perfect and that mistakes will be made. But accept that it happened for a reason. For one reason or another our country was destined to reach this outcome. Look at this, rather than a time of doom, as a time for development.

So I ask of you, build a wall. Not built upon the bricks of hate and retrogression, but made of the love and growth that Americans encompass. A wall around our country full of hope, progress, and the unbreakable citizen bond that makes our country so desirable.


Erin’s letter brought me to tears of joy for 2 reasons – she woke me up to my own feeling of betrayal, distrust, and anger; allowing me to release it. As well, being my niece, I am so damn proud of the beauty she possesses inside and out.

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