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My last post, Never Assume a Bully Knows They’re a Bully, pointed out the reality that not all #workplacebullies see themselves, let alone acknowledge, they are #bullies.

If you are working with or managing such a person, the POST provided tips and advice for helping those individuals face that reality, and to clearly understand the impact it is having on his or her career, business and life.

I also mentioned in the post that I had uncovered a formula from my own ‘shedding of my corporate bitch’ that I call the Shift to Riches Formula™. It is a 5-step process that allows me to respond to a question I’m often asked – Can a bully or a bitch really change for good? If so, how?

The answer is a resounding YES.

Professionals, whether you want to admit it or not, how you go out into the world; to your job, employees, clients, managers, investors, vendors, friends and community, has EVERYTHING to do with whether you will be successful or struggle to execute, lead, manage, grow and achieve your goals.

The Shift to Riches Formula™ can be used daily to proactively shift yourself out of any ugly state of being; into a place that allows you to pursue, attract and achieve your career, business and life goals.

And managers, you can use the formula as a framework for coaching and mentoring your team as a group or with an individual.

The key? You have to be open, truthful and willing to want to change, make a shift, and own the actions, results and achievements you are either attracting or repelling in your life.

Here are the steps of the Shift to Riches Formula™ you can use every day to shift to a confident, positive, productive, and engaging professional and rich leader:

DISCOVER, CONFRONT and SHED so you CREATE and ACCELERATE the riches in life you deserve.

Many of us walk through our day never stopping to consider the mood, attitude, outlook, or the overall state of being we are in, when we leave our house and go out into the world.

This initial step to Discover is critical. If you don’t know your state of being, then how can you shift so you are the best person you can be. Your team, company and you deserve that.

  • Each morning and throughout the day, focus on being self-aware and present in the moment.
  • When you get up and before you leave the house, take time to assess your physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual state.
  • Based on your assessment; consciously decide to make a shift to a more positive, confident and energetic place, or to remain the same. At least then, whichever state you decide to be, you have consciously decided.
  • Discover, decide and admit for yourself what YOU want:
    o   Define and document your goals.
    o   Define what you want and don’t want in your career, business and life.
    o   Define the person you ‘are’ and ‘want’ to be.
    o   Identify what is working or not working in all areas of your life.
  • Know and believe that it is okay for you to focus on you, to have goals for you, to go after what it is you want or don’t want. When you do, you will be the best you for everyone else.

Discovering what you want or don’t want, what you’re feeling or want to be feeling, and even who, what, where, when, why and how your life is or isn’t… can be the first stumbling block for many who have never focused on it. Once you do it and feel the shift, you will want to push forward.

However, confronting answers to those questions and your state of being can also cause people to get stuck. For example:

  • You have a good salary and position, but you don’t like what you are doing at all, causing great stress. However, the idea of making a change, losing income, or landing a job that is worse, is far more frightening; so you remain stuck and unhappy.
  • You are dealing with a bully or a lazy co-worker who causes you to be overworked and miserable; but the fear of addressing it, possible retaliation or looking for another job, causes you to stay in the position; hating every day.
  • You discover the people and places (house, community, company, etc.) you are spending time with are no longer positive, supportive and uplifting things for you; but the fear of being alone is paralyzing.

Whatever the emotion, experience, memory that comes up from you finally owning what you have discovered about yourself, you have to confront it head on if you want a change and to shift.

·       Draw 3 lines down the middle of a piece of blank paper. Create the column headings: What I Want, Fears, What I Don’t Want, Fears.
·       In the appropriate column, write down all of the things you discovered that you want and don’t want.
·       Select 1 Want and Don’t Want that would have the biggest impact on your life, should you do something about it.
·       Identify the external people, places and things you know you need to shed too confront your Wants and Don’t Wants.
·       Make a list of the internal self-talk, limiting beliefs, fears, insecurities, doubts, etc. you want to shed once and for all.

You won’t change or achieve what you don’t confront and take action on!

The definition of shed is to discard (something undesirable, superfluous, or outdated).

Until you do just that and shed the people, places and things that hold you back, keep you down or stuck, and who don’t value who you are; it will be impossible for you to take action, attract, and achieve what you want:

  • Prioritize the top 3 items that have the greatest impact to you now OR that you are willing to take action on today.

As a business professional, you know what it means to define goals and action plans, and how to execute on those plans. Treat your ‘shift to riches’ the same way; create a plan, list out tasks and timelines, then act on it.

The above may seem daunting, but if you currently set goals, make lists, prioritize and execute on those plans in business… you will master this as well.

Once you learn to discover, confront and shed those limiting beliefs and fears that are not working for you, it is unbelievable what your new found or enriched confidence, energy, focus and strength will create for you; the achievements, successes and riches you have always wanted.

But note; many people I talk to have just as much trouble welcoming and accepting riches into their life, as they do in discovering, confronting and shedding what they know they don’t want:

  • Learn to honor, receive and accept all of your successes by:
    o   Saying ‘no’ when you really mean it.
    o   Accepting compliments, support, recognition, promotion and love graciously…..  yes, I said ‘love’ because isn’t that what we all want even from our workplace – love for our job, teammates, culture, etc.
    o   Saying ‘thank you’ to the smallest and biggest of things you attract and create in your career, business and life.

As you learn and master this formula you will accelerate the achievement of your goals, dreams and successes in your career, business and life.  It won’t happen in a day or maybe not even in a year, but continual self-awareness and willingness to discover, confront and shed your limiting beliefs you will create and accelerate riches into your life.

I guarantee it.

Bernadette Boas is the ball of fire keynote speaker and trainer, leadership consultant, author, screenwriter, and radio host behind Ball of Fire Consulting, Ball of Fire Inc. (media/publishing), Shedding the Bitch Radio, and her book Shedding the Corporate Bitch, Shifting Bitches to Riches in Life and Business. Buy it now on Amazon.

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